December 9, 2023

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US Open 2023: Alcaraz: “I miss the maturity to manage these matches” |  tennis |  sports

US Open 2023: Alcaraz: “I miss the maturity to manage these matches” | tennis | sports

This latest appearance of Carlos Alcaraz is strange. After all, Murcian, already out of the US Open, reflects in the room on the defeat he has barely witnessed on Grand Slam soil for a year. Novak Djokovic beat him in the semi-finals in Paris, and now Daniil Medvedev has done it in New York; Different shape, similar background. Double learning for a tennis player who continues to discover the symbols of stardom at the age of twenty.

Roland Garros hurt me the most [entonces acalambrado]. today [por este viernes] At least I was able to fight to the end and get my chance. The only thing I can blame myself for is the disconnect that happened to me.” “I’m someone who always wants to improve, and in the end you learn more from defeats than victories. I have to talk to Juan Carlos [Ferrero, su entrenador]But we will try to forget it as soon as possible. The season continues and no one has died.

There is no shortage of self-criticism in his speech, which is a sign of maturity. He indicated a few days ago that he now sees himself as a more mature player, but he qualifies the statement. “I couldn’t find solutions,” he says. “I thought it was better in that sense, when the match doesn’t go well, but then I will change my mind. “I’m not mature enough to deal with this type of match, so I have to learn,” continued the Spaniard, who was not surprised by Medvedev’s impressive performance. The Russian, who was tipped both times they met this season, produced from the back.

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“He deserves more than me to reach the final. He used the parallel backhand a lot, it’s a shot in which he feels very confident,” he analyses, “but both the forehand and the backhand. What surprised me is correct; He gained speed and made very few mistakes with it. He’s one of the best players in the world, so you can’t be too impressed by what he does on the field. In the end, Daniel does a lot of things well and makes things very difficult for you. But maybe the level has gone up today compared to what I expected.”

Hit in “ranking”

Alcaraz confirms his sudden collapse in the first set tiebreak. He explains in English: “I lost my mind. I played three or four points without control.” I completely lost my mind and couldn’t come back in the second set. I was about to moon. These are the things I have to improve if I want to win more Grand Slams, if I want to be one of the best. “These are things that can’t happen,” continues El Palmar, who rates this year’s Grand Slam passage at “seven and a half and eight”, finally resolved in 17 wins and two losses.

He missed Australia due to injury, reached the semi-finals at Roland Garros, triumphed at Wimbledon and stayed in New York for the penultimate round. Considering that he was defending the title and that Djokovic would have a large number of points – 1,200 or 2,000, if he wins on Sunday – a defeat would further distance him from the Serb, who is ranked top again as of Monday.

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Finally, when asked if he would go to Valencia next week to defend Spain in the Davis Cup group stage, he left his presence up in the air. “I’ll have to see that. It’s been a long and intense tour, so I’ll have to listen to my body; let’s see what it asks of me and tomorrow we’ll see how I fare.” “I’ve been taking better care of myself than usual. I’ve already seen the tapes.” [cintas protectoras que ha llevado durante el torneo] in the legs. “What I can say is that it’s a fairly long tour and I need to rest, but tomorrow I’ll see.”

Medvedev: “To beat Novak I have to be 10 times better than I was in 2021”

conditioner | New York

Medvedev is the only player who can boast this season of beating Djokovic and Alcaraz. Satisfied with this latest victory, but without the bells ringing, far from it, a huge leap is needed to have options in Sunday’s battle against the Balkan side.

“Novak will be 10 times better than he was that day,” he said, referring to the 2021 final, which he won against the odds, thus avoiding a historical milestone in which Nole had managed to complete a Grand Slam (overcoming a grand slam). . temples in the same year); “So if I want to beat him, I have to be 10 times better than I was that day.”

At the foot of the field, the player from Moscow stated that to beat Alcaraz “you have to play at a level of 12 out of 10”, and that despite the turns to achieve the victory over the Spaniard, he managed to save “four”. Or “four” in the decisive break. Five points out break“Moreover, he did so under conditions of adversity.

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“There were 1,000 Spaniards and 5-3 with them [en el cuarto set] They started screaming between the first and second serves. It wasn’t nice, but I think they were desperate, so I’m glad it didn’t help them. “Now you can go to sleep…” the finalist joked with his characteristic insight.

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