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All Legendary Monsters in Fenyx Rising - Location and Rewards

All Legendary Monsters in Fenyx Rising – Location and Rewards

These are all the legendary monsters of Immortals Fenyx Rising, the place where you will find them and the rewards you will get once you can kill them.

Immortal Phoenix Rising It has a lot of Side Questions We can complete it as we travel around the world in search of the key to defeating Typhoon. In this case, we will help you legendary monstersA series of monsters that will bring us down wings and weapons.

These are all the mythical monsters in alphabetical order, where you will find them and what you will get when you kill them:

Uzumena, the legendary harp

The first mythical monster is Ozomena which is found in Valley of Eternal SpringOn the Northwest Island of Eros Sanctuary and Southeast of Aphrodite’s Palace. You will find Uzumena at the foot of the mountain on the western slope. the insect Flee to the top when you get hit.

Once completed, you will get disgust wings.

Medusa, the legendary gorgon

The second mythical monster, Medusa, is found in Northwest Cleos Grove Islandin the northwest region of the map.

Immortality Phoenix Rising - Monster M

Once you can take it down, the monster will reward you with Gorgeous archery.

Polyphemus, the legendary giant

To find Polyphemus, the third mythical beast, you have to go to Earthforge Northeast Island.

Immortality Phoenix Rising - Monster M

Once you reach the island, enter sand at the end of the gorgeHe has no loss. When you are in the area, you will see a sequence and the evil monster will appear. As a reward for killing him you will get Gorgeous vigil ax.

Koto, the legendary Hekatanshire

Finally, the last legendary monster is Coto, which you can locate in Southeast corner of the war bunker, in the building at the end of this area, Jax Castle. Alain, you can’t even go to this place Advance in the plot of Ares.


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