December 4, 2023

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Angola defended Africa’s role in the global political context

Angola defended Africa’s role in the global political context

Speaking on behalf of the continent at the signing ceremony of the Association Agreement between the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (Oeacp) and the European Union, the head of Angolan diplomacy expressed his gratitude for the opportunity.

He stressed that the world is witnessing a multipolar and interconnected moment that is witnessing fundamental geopolitical changes and reorganizations, with consequent implications for all regions of the Organization for Cooperation and Development.

He added that in this scenario, Africa can contribute to building capacities in the regions concerned, promoting good governance, maintaining peaceful good-neighborly relations, and achieving positive development outcomes, as well as representing the voice and unity of the Global South.

The agreement was signed the previous day in Apia, the capital of Samoa, in the presence of the Prime Minister of that country, Fiame Naomi Matafa, and the Secretary-General of Oeacp, George Rebelo Pinto Chikute, among other officials.

The document called the “Samoa Agreement” was signed by a majority of the organization’s member states and is seen as a sign of the future of the alliance of solidarity and unity.

The agreement replaces the Cotonou Agreement signed in July 2022 between the European Union and 79 OECD countries, and according to the Angolan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it paves the way for important progress in human development, combating climate change, peace, security and good governance in the region. The next twenty years.

Oeacp includes 1.5 billion people from three continents and 79 countries, and for this reason it represents a force to be reckoned with in the forum of nations.

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Given its scope, the bloc is called upon to play a fundamental role in building a world of peace and security, in defending the environment and in promoting the economic and social development of all countries.

This organization was established under the Georgetown Agreement in 1975, and its main objectives are the sustainable development of member states and their gradual integration into the global economy, which implies giving priority to reducing poverty and creating a new, more just and equitable world order.