December 6, 2023

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Apple’s 5G modem isn’t even close to arriving, forget about it being in the iPhone 16 |  smart phones

Apple’s 5G modem isn’t even close to arriving, forget about it being in the iPhone 16 | smart phones

Manzana He has been working on his modem for a while 5GBut so far this component Not seen on iPhone or iPad. The brand is currently reliant on Qualcomm (like the vast majority of manufacturers), and it looks like things won’t change in the short term at the Cupertino company.

According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, at least we will have to wait at least two years for this modem to become a reality on the market. That is, this component will not be used even in the iPhone 16 It would give Apple more freedom When you create your own devices, you will avoid third-party device restrictions. The fact is that you are referring to the date: the 2025.

It’s a slow process for Apple

The above means that the upcoming iPhone 15 line and next year’s iPhone 16 line will use Qualcomm 5G modems, with iPhone 17 It may be the company’s first phone to use the 5G modem developed by Apple. We must remember that various leaks have appeared indicating that it will be a real test iPhone C4 The first smartphone equipped with the chip we are talking about, which makes sense, as this product is expected to be released on the market in 2025.


So far, there are no specific details known about Apple’s 5G modems, so it’s not clear what kind of improvements and benefits they will bring to users. Comparing iPhone to Qualcomm 5G chipset. But everything points to a Fewer software consumption and management options that adapt to the company’s ecosystem From the lent apple. But for now, it’s best to be careful.

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Earlier this year, Apple was also rumored to be considering using Its own wireless chip for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection In iPhones, with the first iPhone to use an Apple-developed wireless chip arriving in 2025 (it cannot be ruled out that the tech giant is also considering the possibility of combining the two chips to save production and improve energy efficiency). So, this year could be an important one for Apple in all things connectivity.

The back of an Apple iPhone

Clear benefits for the company

Using its own chips would give Apple greater control over the design and functionality of its devices, which could lead to significant improvements in terms of connection speed, power efficiency and networking capabilities. However, switching to its own chips also comes with risks and challenges, such as ensuring that new components meet the performance and quality standards that consumers expect from the company. But, for this to happen, there is still some time left… as I just met.