August 14, 2022

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At the center of the Earth, scientists discover a new world - science - life

At the center of the Earth, scientists discover a new world – science – life

For more than half a century, the scientific community has believed that center Earth It was a compressed solid surrounded by a liquid outer core. However, with the passing of the years and scientific progress, new things have been learned about this planet.

In fact, recent research from the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Science and the Japan Agency for Marine and Land Science and Technology has found that the hardness of Earth’s core It varies from a hard to semi-soft and liquid metal.

According to the “Live Science” portal, one of the researchers, Rhett Butler, explained that the discovery began after they realized that seismic waves Due to strong earthquakes, they traveled through the Earth’s core to the other side of the globe, but some of them did not pass through the “metal ball” but were deflected.

This discrepancy made the world worry about data matching. “When you’re in this business, you have to match the data”He said to the aforementioned means.

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Thus, the expert and his team reassessed their idea that the Earth’s inner core was solid in its entirety, to determine that the core contained sacks of iron Liquid and soft near its surface.

“We notice a lot of details inside the inner core that we haven’t seen before.”Butler noted.

The researcher concluded that the conclusion they reached is that the center of the planet: “has hard surfaces against cast iron or soft iron. So we see many details inside the inner core that we have not seen before.”

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According to seismologist Jessica Irving, who was not involved in the research, this type of study allows us to learn more about Earth, the more we analyze its core, “We realize more that it is not a boring drop of iron (…) we find a whole new hidden world”He explained in an interview on the topic with the specialized portal Live Science.

It should be clarified that geophysicists rely on Earth seismic wave data generated by earthquakes, to recreate a picture of the inner workings of the planet.

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