December 9, 2023

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Atari is developing a sequel to Pong with a theme you wouldn’t expect

Atari is developing a sequel to Pong with a theme you wouldn’t expect

Although we still don’t have an official release date.

Pong is one of the most classic games in history, which managed to make a fair number of users fall in love with it at that time.

Nowadays, we seem to have forgotten that, however Atari is undoubtedly one of the historic companies in our sector, which thanks to Nintendo initially made the medium popular. This aforementioned American company has given us some of the best games in history, which owes its status in particular to its status as a pioneer and a classic. Of all these we can say that One of the most recognized is PongWe are also facing one of the first matches in history, but now it will return in a surprising way.

The first demo of Qomp2 was recently published, a game whose name may not tell you anything at all, and may even seem strange, but the truth is that we are facing what Atari called “An artistic re-imagining of Pong“And as the above-mentioned presentation shows us, we will see in this game What would happen if a pong ball hit one of the paddles but instead of bouncing, it continued forward?.

for now Atari has not shared an official release date for this titleso we can guess that we will not be able to play until at least next year 2024, so it will join the list of 2023 releases. However, we have been able to find out all the platforms on which this video game will be released, being that In this case, almost any user will be able to enjoy this gameas it will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series

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Another classic coming back to life

In the last years We’re seeing a boom in classic games coming back to life, although most tend to be a little more in-depth than Pong, which is a game that’s basically similar to playing tennis or a similar sport. That’s why we didn’t expect it This particular title will receive a reimaginingBut the truth is, it made us want to play it.

Let’s hope Atari announces an official release date in the coming months, so we know when we can enjoy qomp2, More than interesting game for retro lovers.