July 1, 2022

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AuronPlay, Ibai or Cristinini are among the broadcasters that will break revenue records in 2021

AuronPlay, Ibai or Cristinini are among the broadcasters that will break revenue records in 2021

with the Great twitch leak Which happened a few months ago, it became clear to us that the operators are making a lot, a lot of money. but how much? Well, although we can’t know the exact numbers at this time, the truth is that since then Business Insider Spa Share their ratings: they point out Streaming devices like Ibai, AuronPlay, El Xokas, IlloJuan or Cristinini will already outpace their revenue in 2020.

Twitch, a gold mine for banners in Spain

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many to turn to Twitch to make this platform their source of income (with The consequences this could have for the rest of human beings). This sparked a boom in the Amazon video platform: There were more banners betting on this business model and the audience needed to consume content Amid the restrictions that allowed us more time at home.

Estimates Business Insider Spa In light of the development of income so far reveals that their numbers have increased to 160%. In fact, during the first nine months of 2021, the 53 creators with the most followers already made 10% more than they earned in the booming 2020. For example, notice that Mr. Jgger would have made a 670% increase over what he entered last year on Twitch within these nine months.

Mr. Jgger, for example, had 670% growth over last year

But it’s not the only one: the mediator also points out Xokas recorded an increase at the end of September 190%; IlloJuan by 103%; and Christinini 61%. Alexelcapo, who started his career on YouTube before moving to Twitch, hit the same number he entered last year; While Ibai Llanos already enjoyed a 12.55% increase in September over the previous year.

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Then we find a case AuronPlay, who receives $3 million in revenue from Twitch, It would have already improved its 2020 revenue by more than 4%.. While there are launderers who discovered lower numbers than they earned in 2020 (down about 15% and 30%), since then Business Insider Spa Point out that they will likely end up matching or exceeding your earnings as the creators mentioned above.