July 14, 2024

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Ayesa Robotic Process Automation – RPA Services

Ayesa Robotic Process Automation – RPA Services

Aisha responds to the challenges posed by transformation in key sectors, through deep knowledge of the business and requirements of her clients. They design, build, implement and operate innovative solutions and services that enhance their clients’ businesses, through specialized teams that collaborate in a multidisciplinary manner.

Processes that all companies can automate

Automation can perform approx Any repetitive task It is implemented on a computer. Examples can be found in any industry.

In HR, we use RPA for payroll management, talent management, hiring and enrollment processes, and personnel management. In the financial sector, this will help us manage suppliers, orders, invoices, returns, collections, and generate reports. Overall, it will also be very useful for automating call center processes, data extraction and migration processes, automating processes using Office tools, among others.

Aisha responds to the challenges posed by transformation in key sectors, through deep knowledge of the business and requirements of her clients through RPA solutions.

Within the main The benefits we highlight

-Fast ROI: Return on investment in less than 6-12 months.

– Reducing the error rate: reduces human errors in executing operations.

-Employee retention: Allocating resources to tasks with the greatest added value.

-Cost reduction: Cost reduction between 30-60%.

-Administrative ability: Greater ability to manage the business.

– Call center operations.

-Data extraction and migration operations.

– Automating processes using office tools.

Other areas

Customer Experience: Enables faster, more personalized and efficient customer service.

Hyper-automation technologies

Aisha’s specialty is solutions Hyper-automationprogress A Global suggestion Which can cover all tasks related to process automation, to adapt to the specific needs of the client.

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Among its main technologies we highlight:

Mining process: A method of analyzing processes based on historical and real-world information from IT systems in organizations.

beats per minute: BPM solutions allow you to coordinate processes by integrating information, systems, and people into workflows.

RPA technology: It consists of automating business processes through a software robot that mimics the action performed by people in their workplace.

Mining mission: It allows us to analyze the real behavior of our collaborators’ activities in a specific business process task, allowing us to detect improvement opportunities before processing their automation.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence is a technology that aims to find solutions capable of making decisions and solving problems by mimicking human logical thinking.

Ayesa is a global technology and engineering services company. They develop and implement digital solutions for businesses. Currently, all robotics platforms include AI, and at Ayesa they are starting to combine robotics and AI, specifically with the IBM WatsonX platform, which allows us to have smarter robots capable of solving more complex problems. To get more details about the solution and learn about our use cases, you can leave your contact information:

more information: https://www.ayesa.com/contacto/