June 19, 2024

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Biden said Prinsa Latina that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan depends on the Taliban

Biden said Prinsa Latina that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan depends on the Taliban

In a statement issued by the White House, after hours of speaking with the leaders of the Group of Seven (a group of seven richest countries in the world), the president said they are on track to complete the evacuation of their staff and collaborators before August 31.

However, it has asked the Pentagon and the State Department to prepare contingency plans in case it needs more time to remove its citizens, partners and people from third countries who request it from that country – where they have spent 20 years.

The president noted that the situation in Kabul, the Afghan capital, could deteriorate the longer the United States stays there, as there are now 6,000 troops in Washington.

Every day, he said, our forces face additional dangers, but the withdrawal depends on the cooperation of the Taliban and allowing people to reach the airport.

Shortly before these statements, Biden offered those same explanations to his allies at the hypothetical meeting of the Group of Seven industrialized nations who reiterated to him that Washington was working to complete its military withdrawal from Afghanistan, where there is also a threat of a possible terrorist attack by Islamists. state.

Specifically the bloc — many of whose members were involved in the Afghan invasion after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York — has been lobbying the White House chief to extend the departure deadline.

The Taliban, which took control of Afghanistan a little more than a week ago, warned that any extension of the US military presence on its soil would be considered a red line.

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The Taliban have accused the United States of being the main cause of the chaos surrounding the Afghan capital’s airport, packed with thousands of people trying to leave the war-torn Central Asian country.

In recent days, there were many stampedes and crushing injuries in the crowd, resulting in several deaths.

After the military occupation of the United States and NATO, which invaded Afghanistan in 2001 in an alleged crusade against terrorism, the insurgent group regained power, while the Afghan government and army collapsed, supported and financed by millions of dollars by Washington.

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