April 22, 2024

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Biden wants to get out of his losing streak

The opportunity came with the passage of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill in the House, which has been on hold for a long time due to the stubborn fighting in Washington.

By approving the plan on the night of November 5 — which has now gone to the president’s table to be signed into law — lawmakers broke the legislative deadlock on Capitol Hill and cleared the way for billions of dollars to be spent on projects across the country.

The House also set the stage for Part Two: Approval of the Rule That Grounds the Debate on Social Spending and Climate Change Bill, Building Back Better for $1.75 trillion, a less ambitious target than the initial target of 3.5 billion.

If there are no new obstacles, the proposal, which is the main legislative endeavor on Biden’s economic agenda, will spend the week of November 15 in that body of Congress, but he will have time to travel in the Senate where, perhaps, more changes await.

The White House and its allies see the path of political recovery by agreeing to the broad domestic policy agenda, which will help the recovery that the country needs after more than a year affected by the Covid-19 epidemic that has exhausted and devastated the nation. According to the media.

However, Democrats warn that actual political recovery depends on more than just the passing of bills.

They argue that it is necessary for the government to communicate to the citizens how the proposals from the Capitol will benefit them.

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Blue Power said prompt and effective implementation of measures would also be key, as well as addressing voter concerns about inflation and other frustrations. For some observers, the duty facing Democrats is to “pass things on, speed up implementation, and show tangible results to ease people’s anxiety.”

Biden hailed yesterday’s victory, explaining that he saw an opportunity to turn things around after a poorly started week, when Democrats lost a race for Virginia’s governor and narrowly won New Jersey’s state palace in a tight election last Sunday. November 2nd.

“Finally Infrastructure Week,” Biden said, referring to the achievement, noting that the administration of his predecessor Donald Trump was never able to pass any legislation to rebuild roads and bridges.

The Democratic Party sees the success of the Biden presidency as central to its hopes in next year’s midterm elections.

Passage of important laws gives them something to compete with in 2022, and helps the popular president put the wind in his party’s candidate’s sail, even when he’s not actually on the ballot, Hill noted.

Democratic strategists admit that the past few months have been bleak for the occupants of the Oval Office, between the chaotic withdrawal of the Pentagon’s forces from Afghanistan, the crisis on the border with Mexico, and the blockade of his initiatives on Capitol Hill.

Although the economy has recovered, Americans are frustrated by inflation, product shortages, rising gas prices and Covid-19.

A recent NBC News poll showed that 42 percent of adults in the country approve of Biden’s job as president, up from 49 percent in August and 53 percent in April.

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The same poll found that seven out of ten citizens believe the nation is on the wrong track, including nearly half of Democrats.