February 23, 2024

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Cities come to Palworld thanks to this player's constructions

Cities come to Palworld thanks to this player's constructions

The time when Palworld players started spending building started to pay off. Enjoy this wonderful city

Palworld is the surprise of the year, although considering the time that has passed and the huge success of the game, it can already be said so It's no surprise that he continues to set records. The number of players has already exceeded 19 million and the monthly cost of the game's servers was recently discovered, all of this money to provide an optimal experience for users. On this occasion, those people who actually enjoy the game have started creating impressive cities.

Yes, it is true that there is still a long way to go before you can take advantage of the full potential that the game has to offer, however, the benefits are already starting to show. First glimpses of all it has to offer. We already showed you the creation of some water slides for fun moments in the game, and we also showed you some really big houses that showed off the talent of the community that fell in love with Palworld. But today we bring you something different… a great city that will leave you speechless.

Palworld seemed bigger than it seemed

You may have initially imagined a slightly smaller game, but now… A look at all the possibilities the game offers has been taken. This time it was a Reddit user Commercial_Neck8986. In the video he showed on the Palword subreddit, he showed the city he created, and yes, everything is the result of his work and Without using any kind of modification. Now, you know, if you're thinking about changing your house into PocketPair, maybe this will give you some ideas.

How addicted are you to palworld? “Thistle”
byu/Commercial_Neck8986 inIn the world

As you have seen, the project is really big and as described in his own post, It seems that he will continue to work in this city. The creativity of some players in this style of title is simply amazing and of course leaves more than one player impressed. In fact, the post has already received more than 11,000 upvotes and more than 1,100 comments, which shows the huge success it is having among the audience.

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In fact, the work the developer is doing on the game is fantastic, and Microsoft is helping to create dedicated servers on Xbox, making the game more fluid and fun by being able to play it with more people. We'll see what happens, however Palworld's future looks really brightIn fact, since its launch, the number of players has never dropped below 1 million, which is absolutely crazy.