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The war between Israel and Gaza live | The United Nations warns that it “will not support in any way the forced displacement” of civilians from Rafah international

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What happened in the last few hours

These are the most relevant news stories about the Israeli military attack on Gaza and the escalation in the Middle East at 8:00 pm on Friday, February 9:

Israel orders the evacuation of more than a million civilians from Rafah to “destroy” Hamas. Israel announced a major step in the Gaza war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to move his forces by land to Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, to completely end the occupation of the Strip. This is not the first time that this army advance has been announced in recent days. At the same time, the operation aims to evacuate more than half of the enclave's population, which has a total population of about 2.3 million.

Abbas believes that Israel's plan in Rafah aims to expel the Palestinians. The office of Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that the plan announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to launch a military incursion into the city of Rafah aims to expel the Palestinians from their lands. Moreover, Abbas's office holds both the Israeli government and the US administration responsible for the plan's outcomes.

Many humanitarian organizations warn of a bloodbath if Israel attacks Rafah. Any advance by the Israeli army towards the Rafah area in the south of the Gaza Strip could lead to large numbers of deaths. More than a million Palestinians have taken refuge in the region to escape the fighting and bombings in the northern and central Gaza Strip. The large influx of displaced people has put the distribution of humanitarian aid at risk of collapse, according to several NGOs.

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United Nations experts consider the Israeli raid on a hospital in the West Bank a double war crime. A group of UN human rights experts deemed a double war crime a raid by Israeli soldiers disguised as medical staff on a West Bank hospital on January 29 to kill a patient and two of his companions. Experts explained that the killing of an unarmed wounded man, who was receiving treatment in a hospital, is a war crime. They add disguise to this act, because posing as medical workers means that the Israeli army has committed another war crime; This is the crime of treachery, which consists of using deception and betrayal of good faith to gain an advantage over the enemy.

The Israeli occupation forces killed a 17-year-old Palestinian minor in the West Bank. A 17-year-old Palestinian young man was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers’ bullets during a quarrel in the town of Beita in the Nablus area, in the northern occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that the young man, Bani Shamsa, died of his chest wounds.

Thousands of Houthi supporters demonstrate in Yemen in support of militia attacks in the Red Sea. Thousands of Yemeni Houthi supporters demonstrated in Sanaa in support of attacks carried out by the Iranian-backed militia in the Red Sea against ships linked to Israel that are affecting global trade. The demonstrators, most of whom were Houthi fighters, gathered in Al-Sabeen Square in the center of the Yemeni capital.

Iran accuses Israel of wanting to drag the United States into the “quagmire of war” in the Middle East. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian accused Israel of wanting to drag the United States into the “quagmire of war” in the Middle East. “The Zionist entity [Israel] It aims to seize the United States, throw it into the quagmire of war in the Middle East, and drown it in this quagmire. Abdullahian said in a press conference upon his arrival at Beirut airport, where he begins a diplomatic tour in Lebanon and Syria: “We repeat that the United States must end its support for this Zionist entity that kills children.”

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