November 28, 2023

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Claudio Bravo and an analysis of his career: “I fulfilled my father’s dream”

Claudio Bravo and an analysis of his career: “I fulfilled my father’s dream”

ESPN.com10 November 2023, at 16:02Reading: 2 minutes.

The Chilean goalkeeper spoke with ESPN and shared details of his start in football, the way he prepares for matches and how he lives the derby between Betis and Sevilla, which will witness a new edition on Sunday.Evie

Betis’ experienced Chilean goalkeeper had a special encounter with… espnHe spoke about various topics, including the desire of his father who always tried to be what the Veloco citizen has achieved today.

“He always wanted to become a footballer, and I told myself that I would try to fulfill my father’s dream, and that this would be my job in the future,” the former Colo-Colo, Barcelona and Manchester City player, among others, said. .

Bravo is a professional who knew how to separate football from his personal life, and he proved it in this statement: “When I leave the club facilities, the footballer stays there. For me, there is no football there anymore.”

The two-time American champion and former captain of La Roja mentioned this while enjoying an afternoon in Spain: “I look for other sensations… Cycling around Seville brings me enormous happiness, more than training or a good stop.”

“I fill myself with negative things…”

On the other hand, and on a more intimate level in his profession, Bravo revealed how he prepares for matches: “I fill myself with negative things. In the warm-up or before going out on the field, I think it will be the worst match.”

Although it may seem incomprehensible, the goalkeeper explained why he did it this way: “It’s the mechanism that helped me. These things kept me alert.”

Regarding the present and how his stay at Betis was under the orders of Manuel Pellegrini, he said: “For me, coming here was like a rebirth. We are lucky that we have a very normal dressing room,” he said, referring to the vanity. Which is often found in football and can constitute an obstacle in forming teams.

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Finally, he compared the rivalry between Betis and Sevilla to what he had to play in the derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​or the Manchester classics: “It is very hot. The closest is what is being experienced in South America, because other derbies or classic matches are calmer than what we are witnessing.” here”.