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“Colo” Ramirez and “anger” because Nacional’s results did not reflect the training sessions

“Colo” Ramirez and “anger” because Nacional’s results did not reflect the training sessions

Juan Ignacio Ramirez, Nacional strikerspoke on the programme “Minute 1” (Sports Sculpture) About Bolso’s present, his series of goals, and how Álvaro Recoba’s work was.

Nacional achieved an important victory against Wanderers last Sunday, breaking a series of three consecutive matches without any victory. Ramirez stated that although they were happy with the win, they were “angry” because they could not think on the field about what they had done in training. “We were working well, our training level was good. Then we got to the matches and it was not reflected in the results or performance. That was the thing that angered us the most because we knew we were doing things well, and it wasn’t happening.. “That’s what makes you angry. Against Wanderers he was able to give the ball away and it was a back-and-forth game from the start.”

The previous week had not been easy for Nacional, as captain Diego Polenta led a press conference denying press reports of alleged brawls between the team. Speaking about whether this has made them grow in their behaviour, the striker said yes, but they know it’s not just about that aspect. “We also wanted to show that we were doing very well indoors, but we knew that not only because of that we had to change our behavior, but also because of how the previous match and the year in general had been, which was not the case.” good. We have to end the year in the best way. He pointed out that the sum of this and what happened during the week made us have a very high energy against the Wanderers.

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“Chino” Recoba also gave a conference during the week, in which he expressed that he told the team everything he was thinking, completely directly, and Ramírez noted that the coach was “honest in all conversations.” “Before the game against Wanderers, he was live with us and named us one by one to tell us why we were at Nacional.. And it’s true, we are here for something, because we achieved things in racing, because we had good moments. “It was a way to show that we are here for something, and I think that is good because it gives us a lot of confidence.”

Ramirez also noted that the team’s behavior was different from the start of the match, something they have been able to do at other times of the season, such as in Conmebol Libertadores matches. “It left you angry because we faced some matches in a certain way and others with less energy, and today it cost you, you pay a heavy price for the mistakes and distractions that the table shows us that we fell because of.” So. We have had games like the one we lost at Park and some points we left with Plaza Colonia, and if we win them they will put us another place in the table. “This leaves a bitter taste,” he said. “We missed the opportunity this year to be able to fight at the top, something we could have done calmly if we had adjusted some details.”

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‘Kolo’ opened the scoring in the win over Wanderers with a play very similar to the one in the classic match against Peñarol. “It was the same, as I remembered at that moment. [Leandro] Lozano put the ball in the middle and when he passed me I already knew Gonzalo Carneiro was going to win. We get on well with him, he gave me the chance to score in front of goal.

He was also consulted about coach Alvaro Recoba’s modus operandi and said that since his arrival, the team had been on the rise game after game “until the strike against Danubio” and then the draw against Phoenix, in which he admitted the team played poorly. . “There we went into a hole, but we knew we were growing individually in every way. They are a young coaching staff coming from the third division and working very intensely.. Individually, during training, you say: Why does it happen that in some matches you lose your intensity on the field at certain moments, which costs you dearly later? We started analyzing the goals scored against us, which were due to our mistakes. Like the first match against Danube, which put us in the wrong position. “The second one was from the side,” he said.