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The original story of Life is Strange has captivated over 20 million players

The original story of Life is Strange has captivated over 20 million players

The popular narrative adventure can boast industry-leading results.

Life is Strange, the episodic adventure with supernatural undertones from developer Don’t Nod, It has surpassed 20 million players since its launch in January 2015.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” It came. A post from the game’s official account on X/Twitter. “Something we are very grateful for: It has surpassed the original Life is Strange 20 million players! We want to thank each and every one of you for playing!”

Life is Strange explores the emotionally charged and often disturbing episodic journey The preternaturally gifted protagonist is Maxine “Max” Caulfield. The young woman uses her ability to manipulate time and change the events of the past Discover the secrets surrounding the residents of Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

“20 million players,” Life is Strange co-founder Michel Koch said in a post on X in response to the milestone. “This is crazy. Never before, when we were making Max and Chloe, and imagining Arcadia Bay, and writing their stories, I dreamed of 20 million people meeting them and spending time with them. thank you all”.

It’s a major achievement for the narrative adventure format

Since then, the franchise has emerged On almost all modern consolesIts popularity has led to the emergence of many… Sequels and standalone stories. Last year it also saw the light Life is Strange Remastered Collection (and the Arcadia Bay Collection on Switch), which included remastered versions of the original 2015 game and the prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

The last part of the series, Life is Strange: True Colorsrepresents a change from the usual franchise episodes, as developer Deck Nine chose to release it The game as one complete title. Furthermore, it appears that future titles will be developed by the studio They will follow a similar launch strategy.

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“I don’t think we’ll go back to the episodic model,” Life is Strange: True Colors lead narrative designer Philip Lawrence said. In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. “The reaction has been very positive. I think we’ve been careful to keep that episodic structure, because it seems to attract players.” “It’s all part of the DNA of Life is Strange.”. He added: “As you can imagine, it was a decision that was talked about and a lot of controversy was raised about, but I think, on reflection, it was the right decision.”

This article was originally published on IGN Spain by Mario Cejas On November 27, 2023 at 9:00 p.m.