December 3, 2021

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Corona virus in Spain live: the third dose, occurrence and new restrictions |  past hour today

Corona virus in Spain live: the third dose, occurrence and new restrictions | past hour today

The Swiss city where no one was vaccinated

known as bethal, this Swiss city in the canton SHWIZIt is located in a mountainous area, very close to Alpsand around 600 people, which is equal to 0% in the vaccination rate, A case unique in the country and practically in Europe.

As stated in an article in the newspaper ABC, the population that forms part of one of the European routes in Santiago roadAnd And there are no residents who have been vaccinated and it is a source of pride for the neighbors, nicknamed in the rest of Switzerland as Corona virus resistance.

Switzerland is one of the most skeptical countries regarding vaccination, in fact only 65% of its residents obtained the full pattern, which is a low number, but insufficient to reflect the data shown bethal. Government, In numerous attempts to increase the ratio, send mobile vaccination teams to remote areas of the country, As in this city where It is also recommended day in and day out by the doctors who visit there that the vaccine be given at least to the elderly and those at risk, before the systematic rejection of the population.

As explained in this article, the town’s mayor was responsible for addressing those responsible for the incoming vaccination buses with a direct and brief message: “Go back to where you came from. There is no need for vaccinations here.” Neighbors have made it clear several times that they are taking advantage of their freedom not to vaccinate, and think that this desperate measure of sending mobile vaccination points to their city is a waste of time and money.

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In the canton of Schwyz, the region to which this population belongs, the immunization rate is remarkably low, approaching 57%., according to historians, for example The skeptical current about vaccines that actually comes from afar, Since the nineteenth century, around the R . vaccineswell More tangibly. This was confirmed by one of the most famous geopolitical politicians in the country “There, concerns about the authorities in the capital are often especially great.”

According to Michael Hermann, a Swiss political scientist, there is an ideological divide Between urban and rural residents, the gap has widened due to the belief in rural areas that The footage is for “City Shemales”. Hermann He also believes that due to social legacy in terms of behavior and personality, The political currents that defend both ideas regarding vaccination, and the loss of prestige that a change of one’s mind might entail when it comes to vaccination, make the decision of peoples like Alphthal a constant. to give up the vaccine. The only solution The world of politics is likely to face in this case, is Anonymous and secret vaccination of this type of population.