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Cosmos.  An amazing picture of galaxies and a rare phenomenon captured by the Hubble Telescope

Cosmos. An amazing picture of galaxies and a rare phenomenon captured by the Hubble Telescope

At first glance, the image shows six bright spots, four of which form a circle around two others, with a more intense brightness, in the middle. It’s a snapshot taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which has been observing Earth for 3 decades and a few days ago, Detection of atmospheric vapor Gaminides.

On this occasion, the official website of observatory, explains that appearances can be deceptive: We can believe the points of light are six galaxies, but they are two galaxies and a distant kaiser, known as 2M1310-1714. Hubble data indicates that a third point in the center can be observed that accompanies the two brightest points in the center.

When the image is unveiled, the two central points are two different galaxies. The four bright spots that surround them, and the fainter in the middle, are five separate images of the same kaiser. Which, despite its remoteness, is very bright. Quasars are an astronomical source of electromagnetic energy, which includes radio frequencies and visible light.

The reason behind the “pentagram vision” effect is a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing. It occurs when a celestial body with a large mass – such as this pair of galaxies – distorts the structure of space, in this way, the light traveling through that space, from a distant object – such a kaiser – is bent and amplified enough that, from Earth, Multiple magnified images of the same distant source are observed.

The breaker 2M1310-1714 is farther from Earth than this pair of galaxies. The light emitted by the quasars has been tilted around these galaxies, due to the gravitational effect of the massive mass of this pair. This amazing appearance gives the galaxies surrounded by four quasars, but it is one quasar, much further away!

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Quasars are a phenomenon that arises when a massive black hole, located in the nucleus of a galaxy, begins to suck all the matter it finds in its vicinity.. When this happens, as a result of the tremendous speed of rotation of the accretion disk formed, a huge amount of energy is produced, which is released in the form of radio waves, light, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, which turns quasars into the brightest objects in the known universe.

The images were captured by the Hubbe Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3, which was installed in 2009.