July 14, 2024

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They robbed a house in Miami-Dade that was under renovation

They robbed a house in Miami-Dade that was under renovation

During the early hours of Thursday, two thieves robbed a house that was under renovation in northwest Miami-Dade CountyWhile the homeowners were out of town.

The crime lasted about 30 minutes and was captured via surveillance video as the suspects were seen entering the house, which has been undergoing renovations in recent months.

The suspected thieves made their way inside before backing up a stolen truck to take everything of value.

The photos were taken from outside the Palm Springs North home, shortly after 4 a.m. on Thursday, August 5. The thieves, despite the monitoring system, turned around and entered through a window.

Tell Izel Prieto, the owner of the house 10 local news, that the perpetrators took everything of value inside.

The victim, who was on vacation with her family, explained, “All of our lighting fixtures, the latest plumbing we just changed for the trims, the toilets, all our appliances, our oven, our dishwasher.”

“They really cheated us,” he said. “On entering, it all disappeared. It completely disappeared,” he added. When he and his family returned home, he realized that they had entered his home.

Likewise, he declared that he now does not trust the security of the region and wants to arrest those responsible. “We just want someone to pay for it. It’s not about something else but the safety of the community.”

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