July 5, 2022

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Dakota Taraga (Survivors) returns from Turkey with a brutal body change |  Fashion and beauty

Dakota Taraga (Survivors) returns from Turkey with a brutal body change | Fashion and beauty

Dakota Taraga She is one of those young women we meet through different facts Mediaset. She was one of the troubled teenagers Big brother It has since gone through various formats, such as survivors. He showed in all of them that he has a strong personality that has made him, on more than one occasion, the protagonist of many controversies.

A few months ago he underwent some facelift that he didn’t hesitate to show and it’s already known that when one starts, it’s hard to stop. Currently, He went to Turkey She continues to expose her body to the changes and looks happy with the result.

a month ago He broke off with the person who had been his partner for seven years. It is not easy, but you have to adapt to what is to come and your change does not come only from the inside, but from the outside as well.

It seems that he wants to look good and start a new stage and for that he traveled to Turkey for it Undergoing liposuction Model your shape.

before and after

He did not hesitate to show his before and after on the networks. “I would like to thank @visitandmedcare clinic for Such a brutal change they made to my body. And also to @nikitaofficial.sp for advising me and introducing me to our dear doctor,” he shared with the comparison.

The intervention is recent and the result cannot be fully estimated yet. “I realize that I’ve had surgery for 9 days, I’m so bloated, but at the same time very happy. And of course to my people who have always supported me in everything. Any little thing you can ask me about ♥️visitandmedcare ♥️ ♥️”, he finished.

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Alba Cario He didn’t hesitate to share some applause at the move his co-star has taken. “Take it already!!!! Her contestant said “You couldn’t be hotter” What is masegosa?.

Ah Ural It remains to finish recovering And take advantage of this summer to show off that gorgeous body she has left, although many of her followers have assured her, she’s already been gorgeous before too.