June 28, 2022

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DNF Duel, a new fighting game from Arc System Works, launches June 28

DNF Duel, a new fighting game from Arc System Works, launches June 28

DNF . duelone of the projects conflict That Arc System Works is up and running – and the other one that’s known is updates to Guilty Gear: Strike– se launched on June 28th on PlayStation 5, PC, and PlayStation 4. Edited by Nexon and Neople, Eighting and ASW are involved in development. A new trailer has been shown taking advantage of the announcement of its debut.

Although the license is not widely known in the West, this title is based on the universe dungeon and fighterAnd the Free me from the neighborhood with very popular RPG items In Asia, especially in China, Japan and South Korea. It premiered in 2005, and has since had more than 700 million players worldwide, with revenues of over $15,000 million. Arc System Works has experience in games from existing brands, including Persona 4 Ultramax Arena which already It’s for sale on new platforms Dragon Ball Fighter Z or Granblue Fantasy vs.based on another successful Asian epic.

As we can see, the developer will continue with the aesthetics that have been set Guilty Equipment Several years ago: Stunning 3D graphics that simulate traditional animation. dungeon fighter onlinewill have more side projects, including BBQ Project It is an MMO game with no release date and dungeon fighter exaggerated killing It is a 3D side-scrolling RPG that was announced last year.

The original Dungeon Fighter online game

dungeon fighter online It introduces us to a 2D MORPG and proposes a fantasy adventure With several characters with a style of play that its creators say was inspired by it golden axAnd the double dragon A classic arcade of the time. “dungeon fighter online Shows complex combinations and amazing effects. It’s easy to learn but hard to master. There are also cute illustrations for each chapter that add more fun to the gaming experience,” says Nichob. These characters can be modified to give your avatar a unique look.

DNF Duel released the fighting game on June 28 from Arc System Works

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