November 28, 2023

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Drew Barrymore angers writers by announcing the return of her TV show |  the television

Drew Barrymore angers writers by announcing the return of her TV show | the television

Drew Barrymore walks at the Time magazine event held in April this year in New York.Arturo Holmes (WireImage)

Hollywood screenwriters have found a new villain. After competing for more than four months with entertainment giants’ executives, the writers set their sights on a queen I feel good. Drew Barrymore has drawn the ire of union members by announcing the return of her TV show. The actress and presenter confirms that the production respects the protests launched by the Writers and Actors Union to demand improvement of conditions. Filmmakers consider it a scab.

Barrymore said on social media on Sunday that he would resume filming on Monday. The Drew Barrymore Show, an interview program broadcast by CBS since September 2020. The production is known for its inspirational content and the optimism that the host brings to it. he Talk show It was renewed for a fourth season in January, which will begin airing on September 18. The broadcaster said that her program was not forced to stop production, as the third season ended before the outbreak of the strikes that paralyzed Hollywood on May 2.

The broadcaster wrote in her message: “I made the decision to return for the first time after the strike to this program that bears my name but is much bigger than me.” Barrymore added that the production will not have writers who are part of the collectively negotiated contract and no films or series will be promoted, a requirement imposed by actors union SAG-AFTRA on its members until the dispute is resolved. . . This union asserts that Barrymore, as a presenter, is not in violation of the agreement because production under a contract with a television network excludes her from calling for a strike (this is limited to fantasy series and the film industry).

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The story with the Writers Union is another story. Eastern Section of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) He confirmed that the program is within the agreement Which has not been updated due to disagreement. “Any kind of writing on this program is a violation of strike rules,” the union said Sunday afternoon. Leaders of the union organization called for a three-shift sit-in outside the CBS studios in New York, where the new season of the show is being taped.

Hundreds of writers attended the demonstration on Monday, holding signs directed at Barrymore and her return to work. “So, you like breaking beats?” said a piece of cardboard with a drawing of the killer on it Scream,classic Slasher by Wes Craven Released in 1996, Barrymore plays one of the victims of the man wearing the ghost mask.

Screenwriters The Drew Barrymore ShowW, still on strike, paid a local company to provide coffee and cake to writers who attended the picket at CBS’ doors. It was a new show of solidarity. This joins other gestures seen over the months at studios in New York and Los Angeles during the strike. “I understand why Drew Barrymore did it 100 percent. Your program employs a lot, and these people are suffering. I understand that, yes, but we can’t afford to make exceptions. “If there’s one, more will come.” Avishai Weinberger saidthe writer who attended Monday’s sit-in despite not being part of the WGA.

Influencing factors Talk show People like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers have taken initiatives to support members of their productions in these dry months. These programs were the first to go off the air when there was no agreement between the companies and the writers. At the end of August, bosses of the most-watched late-night show launched the Strike Force Five podcast, the income from which they intend to distribute to staff who have been on strike for more than four months and whose end is still nowhere in sight. .

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Public punishment

The first day of recording the magazine program passed with a simple incident. Before filming began for the broadcast, in which actresses Brooke Shields and Oprah Winfrey would guest star, the production team fired two people from the audience. One of them, Dominik Turicic, he said on social media That he won lottery tickets and that it had nothing to do with the Writers Guild. Outside the building they gave him a pair of WGA pins and he entered the group with them. When members of the driver’s team noticed the accessories, they shouted at her and rudely kicked her out.

A production spokesperson confirmed to the magazine diverse The incident occurred because they enhanced security measures in response to the controversial return to work. This person claimed that Drew Barrymore was not aware of the expulsion and that they were looking to contact the two people who were evicted to provide them with new tickets.

Throughout the strike, Barrymore expressed sympathy with the Writers Guild. In May, in the early days of the strike, the actress announced that she was canceling her participation as host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards in solidarity with those who were on strike. “I’ve listened to the writers, and to really respect them, I’m going to stop giving awards,” she said. Entertainment tonight. Her exit from the awards show led to the event being cancelled, a fact that many praised her for. Four months later, his return to work opened rifts among entertainment professionals.

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