November 30, 2023

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“Investments in health imply the political decision of an existing state.”

“Investments in health imply the political decision of an existing state.”

Today, the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Nicolas Kryplak, visited the municipalities of Llanos and Avellaneda, where he commissioned six new ambulances to strengthen emergency management and delivered 115 computers to implement the Integrated Health History Program. “Social justice is health,” Minister Axel Kiselov stressed.

In this context, Kryplak explained, “They are very important investments, like every investment we make in the field of health. They involve a lot of money, a lot of resources, and they mean the political decision of the necessity of having a present state that guarantees equality and social justice. We say it this way because This is our research: to have social justice.

“Where the market has not arrived, where there has been no business, where it does not make sense to create a large sanatorium, there is health and public education. So we have the conviction that we must defend the state. Because it is also true that what is available to everyone is, for some, all What exists.

First, in Lanus, the Minister delivered three ambulances to the regional institutions: one of high complexity to the “Evita” Hospital, one of high complexity to the “Narciso Lopez” Hospital, and one for transportation to the regional hospital specializing in oncology.. The three vehicles equate to an investment of more than 64 million pesos. They are the 126th, 127th and 218th ambulances distributed since Axel Kiselov was governor.

Ambulances have very complex equipment to respond to critical condition of patients. They have a defibrillator, defibrillator, pulse oximeter, central oxygen tube, arrest/airway and shock bag, shock kit, and wheelchair, among other key items.

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It also delivered 55 new computers to Buenos Aires hospitals to run the Integrated Health History (HSI) programme: 15 to “Evita”, 10 to “Arturo Melo”, 15 to “Narciso López”, and 15 to the regional oncology hospital.

The deliveries for the regional hospitals were received by their CEOs: Javier Marrone from “Evita”; Cristina Fernandez from Narciso Lopez; Virginia Oliveira del “Melo”; and Eduardo Diez from the Oncology Hospital.

Deputy Secretary of Health Alexia Navarro also attended the ceremony. Regional Director of Hospitals, Juan Riera; District VI Directors: Luis Barela, Melina Esposito, and Luis Martinez.


On the other hand, Minister Kryplak approached the Avellaneda area this afternoon where he awarded three new ambulances. Two of them are of high complexity and are added to the regional hospitals “President Peron and Pedro Fiorito”, and one is for transportation designated for the municipality. They are Units No. 219, No. 220 and No. 221 that have been delivered so far in this department. It is equivalent to an investment of 64 million pesos.

Meanwhile, at Fiorito Hospital, he delivered an ambulance and operated the CT machine and anesthesia table. This is an investment of $55,245,847 and $9,165,636 respectively. At the same time, he toured Byron Hospital where he delivered another highly complex ambulance, and spoke with workers.

In addition, 60 computers were delivered to enhance digital health history: 20 for Peron Hospital, 15 for Fiorito, 10 for Goitia and 15 for Wild.