July 2, 2022

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Dulceida and the threats she receives: "They told me they were going to burn me alive"

Dulceida and the threats she receives: “They told me they were going to burn me alive”

At this point, anyone with a Twitter or Instagram profile, especially if they are a public figure, becomes a potential target for “haters” who, Protected by anonymity Provided by social networks, attack indiscriminately using Hate messages generate very unpleasant situations.

That was one of the issues they addressed. DulcidaAnd Marie Bombo and Laura Escanes, who visited “El Hormiguero 3.0” to comment on all about their lives as an influencer. And it is that, other than the possibilities that their work in social networks has offered them and the situation that has been achieved thanks to it, there is a dark side that they all have to deal with.

For example, Laura Escanes admitted that in her case she receives a lot of unjustified criticism and attacks because her partner Risotto Megidiin the first placeAnd Because there is a noticeable age difference between them. “I think this will haunt me for the rest of my life. I know this will be there and I’m trying to normalize it. There is a phrase I repeat to myself regularly to deal with the situation: “I can’t let them run my life,” the Catalan admitted.

Something equally blameworthy, and perhaps even more disturbing, is the case of Dulceida, who has revealed just how far her “haters” have come. “It is very strong. For a long time there is a file daily annoyances towards me and towards everyone around me as a result of my relationship and my breakup – with Alba Paul – which you can’t imagine,” the influential recounted to Pablo Mutos, who has made many complaints.

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“They insult me ​​all the time and call me everything. I was told that If they see me again with LGBT flag they will burn me alive or if they see me in Madrid they will beat me up”He noted, though he admitted that later on the street he had no problem.