October 22, 2021

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Elon Musk predicts when the semiconductor crisis will end

Elon Musk predicts when the semiconductor crisis will end

nLess than the CEO of Stellantis and Ferrari, John Elkannand Tesla and SpaceX, Elon MuskToday, I coincided with a seminar Italian Technology Week In return, they reviewed some of the questions about Present and future of the automobile industry, but also about space travel and the future of humanity.

Regarding the car, the South African was asked His vision of the semiconductor crisis This is it stifle car sales globally after the pandemic. Tesla’s teacher was optimistic, but I wasn’t aiming for a short term solution.

Supply will be increased in 2022

In fact, Musk indicated that the solution will come from New chip factories In progress which will allow for an increase in supply: “There are many microchip factories under construction. I think in the short term, Next year, we can have a good production capacity. I hope it looks like that.”

The Italian and the South African revealed that they met in 2014.

the one with Semiconductor shortage It is, without a doubt, the major current problem of the automobile industry, which has reached almost unresolved continuity with the hole it has caused covid-19 pandemic. Even the lack of microchips, which are vital to controlling many functions of modern cars, have imposed Temporarily closing factories around the world.

Tesla’s worst moments

Talking left a few pearls, like Musk’s confession Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy “On six occasions,” the most complex were in 2008 and 2009. “It was very difficult to get clients and investors. I had to use all the money earned from PayPal In fact, I had to ask friends for money to pay the rent Because he didn’t have a house of his own. Funding came at the last possible momentChristmas Eve 2008″.

Tesla has touched bankruptcy at various points, such as half a dozen times

Elon Musk, Fundador de Tesla

Another critical moment will come 10 years later…and not precisely because of an economic crisis. “We had Problems getting the Model 3 into production. People don’t know that it is relatively easy to make prototypes or show cars, but It is very difficult to manufacture in large quantities. Making electric cars was easy for Tesla, the only American company to have mass production since Chrysler in the 1920s. Between 2017 and 2019 was the longest suffering period we lived in Tesla“, I acknowledge.

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“Making cars is very complicated because There are 10,000 parts or processes and if one doesn’t work you can’t do it. Some are under your control and some are under the service providers. “It is very difficult,” he said. musk.

In favor of nuclear energy

As Musk showed Supporter of promoting nuclear energy As a source of electricity production, they called for not closing production plants that Considered ‘extremely safe’. “I am amazed at the movements you want to get away from. We should have more nuclear power or at least not close factories that are already runningI think they pose no danger and far less than coal, without a doubt.” Something Elkann agrees on: “It is a solution that already exists and countries such as India and China are betting on it, Hence the price of uranium rises“.

That’s right, Musk defended Solar energy as a final solution to the energy problem Cosmopolitan: “The sun is the source of energy that has moved our civilization and it does not take much, for example, to feed the whole of Europe. The energy that the sun gives off A strip of land 200 km by 200 km long would be enough to supply EuropeI explain graphically.