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Europe is preparing hell for Apple users in 2024

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The European Union has unleashed a war against Apple that will begin to cause more problems What an inconvenience for users. Rules supposed to protect Europeans from misuse of technology that do nothing but put a spanner in the works and complicate things Free market.

the Digital Markets Law (DMA) went into effect on November 1, 2022, and since then, Apple has suffered the consequences more directly. The latest controversial decision is that App Store It will no longer be a custodian of what is installed on Apple devices and will arrive Absolute lack of control Thanks to the possibility of installing applications from other stores. A forest of apps similar to this one Android Where tricks and mediocrity exist for many Applications They are common because there is no comprehensive control.


If only Apple had distinguished itself Android This is due to the ability to link developers who want to upload an app to their store. The analysis is comprehensive and there is no way to infiltrate malicious applications or obtain more data than the user allows. Apple can a screen Each application and delete it or warn that its practices are undesirable. Last year they rejected more than 215,000 apps for violating privacy regulations. In exchange for belonging to this ecosystem, developers pay commissions of between 10% and 30% to Apple from the sale of the system. program Or other repeat purchases through the official Bitten Apple store.

Apple can monitor and stop every app

All this comes from a historical battle Epic Games And the fortnite. The video game company blamed Apple for restricting apps to its payment systems. The courts ruled in favor of Cupertino residents, but required them to implement other charging systems as they do, for example, in China. Right now, an iPhone user can’t play this popular video game… for now.


The DMA will only allow a return fortnite, also from Fortnite. Don’t you see the difference? Well, that’s what will happen from January 1, 2024 when it becomes possible to do so Side loading On Apple devices, that is, allowing applications and games to be downloaded without going through the App Store, which is similar to… Jailbreak And Cydia 15 years ago, but in a legal version protected by law European bureaucracy.

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Apple has enhanced the features of its App StoreManzana

the Political chaos It will be total, something similar to what happens in Android where there is a file Very high level of scams and scams. The low technological level of many Spaniards will pave the way for them Hackers Thanks to this procedure dictated by the offices in Brussels.

The low technological level of many Spaniards will pave the way for hackers

But there will also be room for Facebook, WhatsApp Or Instagram finally comes out App Store And set up your own beach bar to bypass all privacy restrictions. The “allow app not to track” idea has sunk financially Goal Which stops collecting user data on iPhone.

Europe vs Apple

Only Apple will have it Checks In a way, the applications their customers install from other repositories, but this will also be moderated by Europe on behalf of Freedom exterminator What he commits. in it Official web From the App Store already Redoubled efforts So that users do not download anything that has not passed through their controls.
First came the ports USB Cthen Removable batteriesThen he will come iMessage And now App Store. Europe is pulling its tanks against technology companies unable to put the scalpel to the real problems Offense And only limit what harms users.
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