December 8, 2023

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Ecuador’s newly created legislature forms its committees

Ecuador’s newly created legislature forms its committees

In a session held on Sunday, two days after the inauguration of the new parliament, the members of the Council decided that the leadership of the remaining 15 committees would go to the Christian Social Party, which reached an agreement with the Republican Congress Party and the Democratic Democratic Party. Agreeing on the sake of greater parliamentary stability for the benefit of the nation.

Specifically, the Resident Coordinator will lead the Justice and State Structure Committees; Autonomous governments, decentralization, powers, and territorial organization; Transparency, citizen participation and social control; Constitutional guarantees, human rights, collective rights and cultural pluralism.

This political group, which has the largest seat, will also lead delegations for the comprehensive protection of girls, boys and adolescents; and censorship and political censorship, the latter of which is highly contested because it initiates processes of political prosecution of the authorities.

Ecuador’s new National Assembly was formed last Friday after six months of not having a legislative body due to the cross-death issued by outgoing President Guillermo Lasso.

Assemblyman Henry Kronfel, of the PSC, was elected President of the Assembly, while Viviana Fellowes, of the RC, and Eckner Ricalde, of the ADN, served as first and second vice-president, respectively.

Among the first parliamentary discussions will certainly be the two urgent economic laws that the future governor, Daniel Noboa, will send as soon as he takes office, according to official lawmaker Valentina Centeno.

This National Assembly, which will be elected in exceptional and early elections, will have a short period, until May 2025, to complete the period that began in 2021.

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