July 14, 2024

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Gaza ceasefire asking in front of Biden’s house • Workers

Gaza ceasefire asking in front of Biden’s house • Workers

Hundreds gathered today in front of the home of US President Joe Biden in Delaware, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Image: Taken from PL

Television images showed participants raising Palestinian flags and banners indicating a ceasefire, a claim so far ignored by Israel, which continues to bomb the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip.

The Biden administration is still in line with its ally, which has not cut off its military support for Tel Aviv and refuses to join the call for an end to hostilities. The president will return to his Wilmington residence after delivering a Veterans Day speech in Virginia and will listen to protesters a short distance away.

“Free Palestine” and “President Biden, you can’t hide!” “We accuse him of genocide!” These were some of the slogans chanted by the audience.

A demonstration in support of Palestine has also been called for this afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia, marking a week in which various protest actions have been reported in other urban areas.

Members of the peace organization CodePink interrupted a Biden speech with Illinois auto workers on Thursday to call for a ceasefire in the coastal enclave.

However, on the same day, the president rejected the possibility of a ceasefire in Gaza, despite Israel’s offensive actions.

When a journalist approached him before he boarded the presidential helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House to Illioness and asked him: “What are the chances of a ceasefire in Gaza?” Biden replied: “None.” “No chance.”

Since October 7, when the latest escalation of violence in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict began, more than 10,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza due to indiscriminate bombing by the Zionist army.

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At least two-thirds of those killed were women and children, while more than two thousand people were buried under the rubble of that devastated area.

Last Saturday, more than 300,000 people gathered in this capital with the same demand, as well as in other cities in the country, who joined the global mobilization to support the Palestinian people.

It looks like the pressure is starting to get felt. Secretary of State Antony Blinken publicly admitted that “far too many Palestinians have died.”

According to the leader of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon (Hezbollah), Hassan Nasrallah, the Israeli genocide has become more apparent at this time to the people of the world to the point that it has been proven that thousands of children and women were killed.