August 15, 2022

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Gotham Knights will have news of Robin on Tuesday

The news of the upcoming match from WB Games Montreal, Gotham Knights, has not stopped appearing, providing more and more details about the new superhero title. Now a few hours ago It has been confirmed that the Gotham Knights will be giving news of Robin on Tuesday in a new event, Some surprises also appear in the gameplay.

Via his official Twitter account, Gotham Knights He posted a video with a unique logo referring to the classic character and friend of Batman, Robin. Along with the above, Only “tomorrow” was written with the show time mentioned, which would be 6AM PT.

Gotham Knights will have news of Robin on Tuesday

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Remember that Robin in Gotham Knights is Timothy Drake, the third friend of Batman, who joined after Jason Todd’s death. The The abilities Robin will use will be stealth, teleportation, and a crew that he can use at any time. In this presentation, it will be the first time we see Robin in action, following the Gotham Knights play round from August 2020.

Good news for fans of the long-awaited game from WB Games Montreal, who will finally be able to see one of the characters we remember from Batman in action. Gotham Knights Getting ready to go On October 25 this year, for Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC.

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