November 28, 2023

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Guillermo Laso paid tribute to slain candidate Fernando Villavicencio

Guillermo Laso paid tribute to slain candidate Fernando Villavicencio

Fernando Villavicencio was killed by hitmen on August 9 (Reuters/Karen Toro/File Photo)

president of ecuador, Guillermo Lasomade an ornament after death to Fernando VillavicencioWho aspired to the presidency of the republic and was assassinated last August 9 after a massive march in Quito. The decree highlights the fight against the mafia, and the courage and legacy of the politician, journalist and trade unionist.

Villavicencio conducted more than 250 journalistic investigations that contributed to opening cases against the highest authorities of the state for crimes against the public administration. For example, his “Green Rice” reports were instrumental in condemning several Curísmo figures, including former President Rafael Correa.

The readings of the decree, where the awarding of the medal was discussed, stated that “during his fruitful career, he (Fernando Villavicencio) denounced and Contributed information related to corruption issues In the areas of oil, mining, electricity and communications, which relate to state institutions, as well as actions of criminal structures that have caused serious damage to public security and resources.

Fernando Villavicencio’s investigations revealed cases of corruption during the government of Rafael Correa

Likewise, the Executive Authority Text highlights the work Villavicencio did while chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee: “During that period, he submitted ten oversight reports, supervised 16 political prosecutions, The focus of his administration was the direct fight against unethical actions of embezzlement of funds. And a firm determination to address the country’s most pressing problems.

In 2021, Villavicencio reached the legislature with the support of an alliance between the Ecuadorian Socialist Party and the Christian Democratic Coalition Movement. He won the polls as a member of the National Assembly and was chosen to lead the aforementioned committee. While serving as a legislator, he was denounced by some of his colleagues (many from Corista Party benches) because he asserted that they had plans to attack his life.

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When Lasso decreed the dissolution of the cross, in May of this year, Villavicencio was the first to announce his desire to participate in the extraordinary elections. A few days after those statements, the Construi movement announced its support for his candidacy. political “He campaigned around combatting mafia bribery, drug trafficking and illegal mining in Ecuador“, according to the document. Villavicencio was shot 11 days before the election.

Fernando Villavicencio ran for president with the support of the Construi movement (Reuters/Henry Romero/archive photo)

According to the signed decree, “It is the duty of the Ecuadorian State and the National Government to recognize the merits and virtues of Mr. Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia, and his honesty, courage and resolute action in preserving the values ​​on which public action is based must be based on leaving a legacy of hope for Ecuadorian citizens in general.”

degree of Grand Cross It is one of the highest honors awarded by Ecuador to those who have performed acts of service or representation of the country in the civilian, military or police fields. And medals of the National Order of Merit of six degrees. The highest is Great necklaceWhich was handed over to only three people: the former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica; To the former President of Peru Martin Vizcarra; actually Tamim bin Hamad Al ThaniThe current Emir of Qatar. This degree is followed by the degree obtained by Villavicencio; He mentioned the senior officer, the commander, the officer and the knight.

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Last September 13, Lasso also awarded several medals to American figures. Six figures received the National Honorato Vásquez Medal, awarded to those with extraordinary achievements in the political and diplomatic fields.

Bill Clinton and Guillermo Lasso at the opening ceremony of the Brotherhood Marine Sanctuary in the Galapagos (Reuters/Santiago Arcos)

former president of the United States, Bill ClintonHe was one of those honored. Clinton was the only one to receive the Grand Cross. The decoration decree says Clinton “He actively participated as guarantor of the peace negotiations between the Republic of Ecuador and the Republic of PeruFacilitating constructive dialogue between the two countries and their presidents, and contributing to the signing of the Brasilia Law, which represents the end of the border dispute between Ecuador and Peru, and the opening of a new phase of peace, integration and cooperation. In addition to this, the former president supported the “expansion of the protection area of ​​the Galapagos Marine Reserve” and his work in favor of democracy, through Clinton Global Initiative.

The actress received the rank of captain Bo DerekTo promote tourism in Ecuador; Susan Segal Who chairs the Council of the Americas to support the development of Latin American countries? Business woman Donna Bertarelli, To support the mechanism Religion for nature barter Driven by lasso management; Former Senator Christopher John Dodd And the businesswoman Adrian ArshtFor his contribution to strengthening relations between the United States and Ecuador.