April 22, 2024

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Health professionals join the Labor Day march

Health professionals join the Labor Day march

rallies International Labor Day It is resumed at Ecuador two years after pandemic. Unions of the public sector, health and education workers and the banana sector are preparing to mobilize for this Sunday, May 1.

Miguel Angel Crespo, Emergency and Disaster Medicine Specialist, Representative for Ecuador reaction poolindicates that among his interests are job stability and the double subordinate drainage system.

Crespo mentions they knocked on doors Ministry of Healthfrom the Ecuadorean Institute of Social Security, the National Assembly, the Vice President and other institutions looking for compliance with the Basic Law of Humanitarian Support, job stability and also for the correct handling of the Basic Law on Health Jobs.

layoffs of health workers

The assembly representative indicates that he has not received a response from IESSalthough Health Authority subordinate crowd Request this to the administrative body of the institution, dated the classroom subordinate health workers Who worked on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19.

Veronica Chavez, a spokeswoman for Reaccion Ecuador, reported that between March and April of 2022 there were Unleash 400 Doctors IESS in Quito, Ambato, Riobamba, Latakunga, Quevedo.

“The situation is critical and we don’t really know what to do. I think the only way out we have found is the streets. We have decided to leave peacefully and we are asking the government to review the situation with the health workers,” Crespo says.

Chavez adds that as a group they are fighting for good health and he remembers that affected Of the separation operations that took place mainly The patients.

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“Now we have waiting lists For outpatient consultations, in some cases, for a period of four and six months, however, specialist doctors in IESS hospitals are separated,” says the doctor.

Crespo worries that of all the unemployed, 80% still can’t find a job.

Parade in Guayaquil

Another request, in addition to compliance with the Basic Law on Humanitarian Support and Appropriate Treatment of the Health Professions Act by the Association, is the immediate supply of pharmaceutical and supplies, above all, to patients suffering from catastrophic, orphan, and rare diseases, Chavez points out.

to march May 1, Health workers will gather from 8:30 a.m. in El Arbolito Park, next to the Prometheus Theater of the House of Culture, in the center-north of the country. keto. They will later join The national marchOn August 10th Street.

The Federation of Health Professionals of Ecuador, which includes unions such as the Medical Confederation, the College of Professionals in Medical Technologies of Guayas, the National Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the College of Physicians of Guayas, has also implemented advertisement. at Guayaquil The meeting will be outside Casona Universitaria, on Chile and Olmedo Streets.