June 23, 2024

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Hispania lands on Steam just before Steam Next Fest

Hispania lands on Steam just before Steam Next Fest

In this game from Meteorbyte Studios you will meet historical figures such as Publius Cornelius Scipio, Megara, Retogenes, Leucon and Ambon.

Songs of Steel: Hispania has hand-drawn illustrations

Echoes of the legendary Numantine War, A historical conflict determined the fate of Hispania, resonates more strongly than ever. the Songs of the Steel: A View of Hispaniaa strategy game for PC, is now available on Steam for all players who want to experience this confrontation that pits the Roman Republic against the Celtiberian peoples of the Iberian Peninsula during two decades of brutal fighting.

Experimental features

The demo includes the first three chapters of the Roman campaign, allowing players Explore the art and narrative section of the game While they test their strategic skills with authentic Roman units and tactics. This preview build provides a detailed look at what the full game will be like, which will include both the Roman and Celtiberian campaigns.

the game It is distinguished by its historical accuracy and her ability to faithfully recreate the scenes and battles of the time. Players will be able to experience Roman military strategy, from the organization of the legions to the specific combat tactics that determined their victories. In addition, the graphics and sound department have been paid attention to in detail to provide an immersive and realistic experience.

Songs of Steel: Hispania will be participating in the upcoming Steam Next Fest. During this event, in addition to the previously mentioned public demonstration, The development team will perform two live shows via live streamwhere they will talk, not only about the title’s development process, but also about the history, some aspects that were fundamental to the creation of the game, and curious facts and anecdotes.

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Meteorbyte Studios has confirmed this The game will be released at the end of 2024 and will cost 49.90 euros. Additionally, it has been announced that there will be special editions and additional content that will be revealed closer to the release date. Meanwhile, anyone interested in Songs of Steel: Hispania can now add it to their wishlist on Steam.

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