January 17, 2022

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¿Cómo puedes solicitar el cambio de médico o ser atendido en un centro sanitario determinado?

How can I change my doctor or health center

If for any reason you want another doctor to take care of your health and not the one who corresponds with you according to the health center closest to your home, You can request a change At any time and without the need for any kind of excuse or explanation.

that it right of free choice It is established by law in all Spanish Autonomous Communities, although asserted Reports They point out that in some of them there are still difficulties when it comes to its practice.

What do you need to do to change your doctor?

La Rioja, Andalusia, Madrid, Aragon … In most societies this is a fairly simple procedure, you can do Online or in person. In almost all cases, management is developed in a similar way, although there are nuances depending on the place of residence.

In primary care, as a rule, you can ask change doctor, a nurse specialist and a pediatrician (the latter only in some societies). For example, in Community of MadridYou have two ways to do this:

  • Connected, by accessing the Health Services website and choosing your center of interest (or by searching directly for the doctor you want to be with). You should keep in mind that in order for the application to be processed, you need an electronic ID or a digital certificate.
  • PersonallyGo to the health center where you want treatment and/or practice a doctor that interests you. Once you request it, the center’s administrative unit will be responsible for making the change and amending the data on your health card.
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Can you choose a specialist?

In the case of hospitals and professionals, it is always interesting to be aware of the health resources at your fingertips. It is convenient to know what Hospital centers You can go if you need it and also what specialties or units they have, for example, which have dialysis units or which have pain units.

You know, you Primary Attention Physician Who should run the consultation with a specialist if they see fit, but if the person who assigned you something does not convince you, you also have the option to change it.

When you get the call from the appointment management center (or directly from the hospital) to confirm your position, it’s time, if you want, to request a change. It is worth asking, for example, if there is Another specialist who can help you Before. Generally, if there is no reason to justify this, your application will be dealt with immediately.

Limitations of changing doctors

A request to change a doctor can be refused for various reasons. For example, although it is not usual, if the professional you want to hire has a high demand or You have reached the maximum quotaThen you can refuse to receive more patients.

Similarly, there are other limitations such as the need to at least Three months since the last change.