October 22, 2021

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How to find out how much free storage space is left on your Apple Watch

How to find out how much free storage space is left on your Apple Watch

Today we are going to show you how you can find out how much free storage your Apple Watch has. It’s more than interesting data for See if you can continue installing apps and downloading filesBecause your Apple Watch, like your iPhone, has internal storage.

We can make this query From the same watch and from the iPhoneSo we will show you how the process works. In our case we used iOS 15 And WatchOS 8Therefore, we recommend running the tutorial on updated devices.

How much memory is left on your Apple Watch?

The first way to check how much free memory is left on your Apple Watch is to do it from the watch itself. You just have to go to the next path, through the buttons and the watch screen.

  • Press the crown of the Apple Watch
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click “General”
  • Click “Storage”

In this list you can see Both the space you have left and the amount of memory the apps take up. They will appear in order from highest to lowest occupied space, but you won’t be able to delete apps from this list.

IMG 0646

If what you want is to perform this query from your iPhone, just do it Go to the next path, within the Watch app itself, which is installed on your phone when it’s linked to your Apple Watch.

  • Abre la Watch app
  • Click “General”
  • Now click on “Storage”

Ready, once in this list you can consult the same from the watch, albeit in a larger format. To delete apps, the most convenient thing is to do it from iPhone, removed from the player.

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