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How to identify heavy emails in Gmail that are taking up free space

How to identify heavy emails in Gmail that are taking up free space

If the inbox is full, users have different options to delete useless emails. (Google)

Gmail, developed by Google, is one of the most popular email services in the world because it is free and easy to use; However, it has limited storage space and otherwise requires paying for an extension pack.

However, it is important to remember that this platform has its own characteristics Diversity of functions in terms of searching, filtering and classifying messages this meanswith a centralized mail storage that allows us to name received emails and group them into several subcategories.

In addition to this, integration with other Google tools such as Calendar, Drive, and Meet, allows users Schedule meetings, attach files, and make video calls directly from email.

It's because of that Filling up your inbox and running out of space can be a problemFortunately, there are several recommendations to free up storage space, starting with larger files.

There are different tricks to free up space, and it is not necessary to pay for an extension pack. (Google)

It should be noted that each Google account Includes 15GB of shared storage space Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

To correct email errors, there are two useful ways to do so Review the heaviest files and documents Which is stored in the account.

the first It consists of searching by size To use this function you need:

– Writing in the Gmail search engine Bigger word: and sizeFor example: Largest: 10 bytes.

– in this way All emails containing large files will appear You can choose which ones you want to delete.

Each Google Account includes 15 GB of shared storage space between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. (Google)

There is also Option to review large itemsTo use it you must:

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– Enter your email and scroll to the top right, In the dotted box, then click Pictures.

– In the new tab that opens, Go to the bottom left corner where it says storage.

– Within this option It will show how much space is left In the account.

– Then search for the tool Clean up Gmail and Drive And click on Review items.

At that moment a new tab will open, Where you can review the items you want to delete, such as deleted emails, spam, trash files, and unsupported videos. In addition, space can be freed up for each service.

Gmail allows you to filter emails so that they are automatically deleted. (Reuters)

In addition to the two methods mentioned above. There are other ways to free up space in Gmail.

how is he Option to filter emails so that they are automatically deletedAchieving this requires:

– Enter the mailbox, turn to the steering wheel session Then select the tab See all settings.

– Search option Filters and blocked addresses And select Create Filter.

Then you have to write your email address and Add criteria to apply the actions required by the user. For example, if a person wants all emails from a particular address to always be labeled as promotional or deleted, they should create Filter and that's it.

It is also possible Empty spam and junk folders From time to time, as suspicious messages end up, delete them. Once this is done, it is necessary to go into the trash and empty it.

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It is worth noting that Trash files are automatically deleted after 30 days. Before the period expires, it is possible to reset it. After that period, they will be lost forever.

last A useful way to get more space is to cancel subscriptions And notifications because they take up space that could be used for other files. To cancel it you need:

– Opens Gmail on your computer.

Select an email From a sender whose messages you no longer wish to receive.

– Next to the sender's name, click unsubscribe.