October 26, 2021

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La empresa se enfocará en la industria de minas de carbón y siderúrgicas en los próximos años, aseguró su presidente y fundador.

Huawei bets on digital diversification in the face of EU sanctions

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To counter the sanctions imposed by the US tech and telecom giant, Huawei Selected new business units focused on digital transformation products and services.

These measures have prompted Huawei to reinvent the way it operates. After they imposed more restrictions last year, Ensuring access to smart chips that were previously produced with American technology.

After being added in 2019 to the list of companies that cannot do business with the United States, Ren ZhengfeiThe founder and president of Huawei confirmed that in the coming years the company will focus on coal mining and steelmaking, as well as port and highway technology.

For example in the mining industry, Huawei develops dedicated base stations for 5G networksIt is resistant to dust, moisture and even the discharges from explosions in an industry known for its hazardous working conditions.

In the last years, Huawei is dedicated to attracting new business by digitizing industries that require IT adoption. Thanks to this, its business income grew by 23 percent last year and 18 percent in the first half of this year.


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