October 26, 2021

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New Zealand has declared the Maori New Year a national holiday

Sydney (Australia), Jan.4 Country.

The New Year, its date will vary depending on the appearance of the Pilates constellation, which marks the beginning of this community’s lunar calendar in the summer of April, and will be celebrated for the first time on July 24, 2022.

“Modariki will be its own New Zealand holiday; a time for celebration and reflection, and our first public holiday will be ‘The Ao Maori’ (‘Maori World’, in the vernacular),” Ardern said locally. Waitangi, on the northern island of the country.

In Waitangi, British authorities signed the Waitangi Treaty with various Maori leaders on February 6, 1840, closing New Zealand’s control, the next Saturday.

Ordern fulfilled an election promise before the elections last September and is officially creating a date that is already widely celebrated in the country.

The President said the holiday would “recognize the unique and shared identity of our nation and the importance of the ‘Tiganga Maoist’ (‘Mோori customs’). It will be one of the most special and unique in New Zealand.”

A team of Maori experts will advise the authorities on the dates on which the model will be celebrated and on the date of the twelfth holiday in New Zealand.

“The Ivy (tribes) celebrate the beginning of the Maori New Year in different ways, so it is important that these regional differences are recognized,” said Professor Rangianehu Madamuwa, chairman of the think tank.

Mori, currently 17 percent of New Zealand’s more than 4.9 million people, means “eyes of God” or “little eyes,” modeled.

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It is a star of great importance to many cultures, such as Latin American tribes, Greeks and Oriental, as well as being mentioned in the Bible or Don Quixote.

According to Maori mythology, the origin of Madaraki began when Rangunu, the father of the heavens, and Papaduvanu, the mother of the earth, separated from their children.

One of its descendants, Tawhrimadia, the god of the wind, lifted his parents’ eyes and threw them into the sky, creating a star cluster, according to the version of the legend in Aotearoa, the name given to New Zealand by the original people of this sea country. EFE