October 26, 2021

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LEVA will premiere "When You Bite Your Lips" on December 3 |  Music

LEVA will premiere “When You Bite Your Lips” on December 3 | Music

Thousands of followers fiber In our country they were waiting for the official confirmation of the launch of their new music project. album in female key Titled When You Bite Your Lips, which will go on sale in digital and physical form on December 3.

The musician confirmed this through his official pages on social networking sites: “Good people! My album” When You Bite Your Lips” will be published on. December 3 On digital, vinyl and CD. Starting with TODAY, exclusively on pre-sales, you have the Collector’s Edition, in ceramic format, a special and one-of-a-kind piece that will put you through the sweet dilemma of getting to the 14 songs on the album. artwork by good mixture Limited and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. There will only be 4,000 porcelain copies. Hope you can buy it and love it. There is a lot of pampering and a lot of craftsmanship behind it.”

The confirmation comes with a video explaining the creation of this exclusive edition, a “work of art” as the Madrid native himself confirmed. But it’s a sealed piece and that if you want to listen to the album, you’re going to have to break it. Leyva explained this concept of rupture in collaboration with Boa Mistura.

“The concept of emotional rupture, in a fragile state, was from where I composed the songs. It seemed nice to put the collector in this state. To get to the songs, the rip has to be there,” explains Leva who noted that this edition has “an extraordinary price because it has Unusual job.”

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Another extraordinary act can be said after the musician Alameda de Osuna managed it Surround yourself with feminine talent thanks to a long list of female companions In this new version. Up to fifteen artists have joined his new creations: Natalia Laconza, Silvana Estrada, Zimina Sarinana, Natalia Laforcade, Ver Casillas, Elsa and Elmar, Elie Guerra, Catalina Garcia, Daniela Spala, Gabe Moreno, Zoe Gutso, Zahara and Nina de Guan Tulsa.

14 songs that will see the light on December 3 that will mark the before and after in the career of the music translator: “This time accompanied by so many friends of artists that I love and admire deeply, and with whom I have been finding around the world in recent years of tours and trips. How lucky I am! This album has been A very brutal journey.”

Now it remains to be seen if all or any of these women who have joined this adventure will be able to accompany him during the tour that will surely accompany this launch. A perfect Christmas gift either with a studio album or with the live music of Leiva & Co.