August 19, 2022

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Manises Health District: A year without a commissioner

Manises Health District: A year without a commissioner

As this newspaper progresses, at the end of October 2020, the Commissioner of the Health Department of Manises, covering 14 municipalities with a population of 195 thousand, left his post due to retirement. At that time, the department headed by Anna Barcelo confirmed Lift-EMV That various profiles were under consideration and that a replacement would soon fill the position. Twelve months later, the position is still without the main character to ensure the good management of the private health care provider.

Faced with this situation, Manises Health District Staff Council requests Resignation of the Barceló . Department regrets that «Residents are tricked into covering up the administration Without hindrances, giving full freedom of movement to a private company within the Public Health Department.”

The Personnel Council assures that during the absence of the Commissioner, there have been episodes of particular importance. In addition, they criticize that the position appointed by the ministry is responsible for signing and certifying applications for free elections, that all patients are treated equally, and begin to respond to complaints and suggestions from patients, among other things.

But above all, it affects that during these twelve months the franchisor has canceled the initial number of nursing coordinators in its health centers, closed the Myslata Specialty Center in July and August, and subsequently opened it with minimal services (after the closure was published Lift-EMV and pressure made by Mislata), and there were situations in Al Dhiaa Specialized CenterAs there are only two nurses left to take over all specialties and problems of stress and anxiety in the department staff resulting from unilateral decisions made by a supervisor. He also reveals that the lack of a summer vacation plan caused “almost no employee replacement. This The lack of human resources has caused stress and erosion of employees, and a deterioration in the quality of care,” they blame.

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Faced with this situation, the Personnel Council asks the Chancellor that “if this figure is not considered necessary, why is it not dispensed with in the rest of the departments? What does he have against the inhabitants of Manises?” In addition, it highlights that “since the commissioner’s salary falls Within budget, what is it used for? Why not use it to strengthen the workforce and improve the quality of care? ».

Poor quality of care

It is for this reason that the Personnel Council expresses “its disapproval of the delay and we demand that a commissioner be actually appointed, and that the fact that this figure has not been established not only harms and affects the workers, but deteriorates and reduces the quality of assistance.”

On the other hand, official sources from the Ministry of Sanitat guarantees that “the integration of A new commissioner.