April 22, 2024

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iCloud web tendrá un nuevo diseño web que ya se está probando

iCloud web will have a new web design already in testing

Trials are as welcome as they are scary. Of course, it is the companies that make the decision whether or not to open that version to the public, which is still in the development stage, and it looks like it will be one of those that will be open to anyone who wants to try it. We are talking about The new version of iCloud that Apple is already testing.

iCloud Beta is here

You definitely work all day with the cloud to keep and find all the files or data you need nearby. It is a big advantage of using these services, that you will never lose any information. But of course, it is always important to tweak the design of different tools so that users are not visually bored with them, and thus improve access to them.

That’s what they were doing andn Apple with the introduction of the new iCloud design. It’s not yet live, although if you’re on the web (where changes will be made) you’ll find that the company will give you the option to decide if you want to participate in this beta and see all the changes. Now, if you are one of those who express your desire to see the news without hesitation, you can do so through Official Website.

what’s up

What you will find in the new version of Cloud web, once you enter, with a more modern interface. What we see in the picture BGRYou will have different sections that you can customize, but at first glance you will have direct access to the search functionality, Mail, Calendar, iCloud Drive, Notes, Contacts, and its three office applications which are Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes.

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Other interesting points you will also see The first offer is the status of your subscription to the systemKnowing when you have to replenish it is important, as well as managing contracted storage which can help you see if you have enough space or if you have to expand it soon.

It is not yet known when it will be officially released. But since the stinging apple leaves free and optional access to the new side of iCloud Web, we’d recommend you at least take a look at it to get familiar with it and save learning time in the future when it’s definitively created, but the decision to go in or not, is entirely up to you.