October 26, 2021

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Immigration and the United States apologize for the media agenda in Haiti - Prinsa Latina

Immigration and the United States apologize for the media agenda in Haiti – Prinsa Latina

The total number of returnees has exceeded 6,200 since the mass deportations began on September 19, despite criticism from UN agencies that have called for a moratorium on expulsions, an individual assessment of asylum claims, and the creation of a regional coalition, to tackle the crisis.

The International Organization for Migration has announced that it is assisting returnees arriving at the capital’s Toussaint Louverture airports and Hugo Chavez in Cap-Haitien in the far north of the country.

This case alerted that there are dozens of children who have arrived in Haiti, even though they were not born in the country and have passports from other countries such as Chile.

Foreign Minister Claude Joseph said in statements to the press that they had asked for solidarity from the region, and stressed that Brazil was ready to receive children born in the South American country with their families.

Since the middle of the week, flights of volunteer returnees have begun arriving from Mexico, when many shelters in this welcoming Aztec country have confirmed that they are working at double and triple their capacity and no longer have a place to host new refugees.

On the other hand, on Thursday, chartered flights arrived from the Bahamas with hundreds of deportees, many of whom were rescued from an unmanned key located south of the Atlantic archipelago.

To address this issue and others, a delegation from the United States arrived in the country on Thursday and met with Prime Minister Ariel Henry and Foreign Minister Joseph, as well as Police Chief Leon Charles, and representatives of political parties and social organizations. ..

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Special Assistant to President Joe Biden and the principal director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, Juan Gonzalez, have apologized for the unfair treatment of some Haitians.

“I want to say it was an injustice, it’s a mistake and I want to apologize to the Haitian people,” the official said, referring to the behavior of the horseback frontiersmen who were trying to block the passage of immigrants into the United States. States.

The scandal led to the resignation of Special Envoy Daniel Foot, who in his letter to the State Department distanced himself from “the inhuman and fruitless decision by the United States to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti.”

Washington did not hesitate to return its citizens from the Caribbean, although it promised more “humane” treatment for those seeking asylum.

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