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In Mexico, the dead person went out to celebrate, followed by a million living people (+ photos)

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Perhaps the most anticipated final Day of the Dead parade, which, along with the initial Las Catrinas parade, fills the wide Paseo de la Reforma with rumba skeletons, surpassed 1 million participants this year in 2022, marking a major event. Register for these celebrations.

There is no country on earth that celebrates All Souls’ Day in such a unique way, where although religiosity is present, it is not the main feature.

Rather, it is a memory that comes from before the time of Christ, when indigenous people visited the underworld at certain times of the year to talk and seek advice from those who had gone elsewhere, but without abandoning it.

It was a very important meeting captured in the stone-carved work of these primitive geniuses, who have managed to leave this immortal legacy to countless generations until today.

This end-of-day parade, more than a week ago, registered requests from more than four thousand participants for costumes they designed themselves, organized into 65 units, more than 400 bands, 13 floats or floats, and hundreds of puppets. .

Most of these huge last Katerinas, with their luxurious clothes, their long dresses tight to their bony hips, and their skulls which, contrary to expectations, are far from arousing fear in children, are enjoyed to the fullest with their parents because, in addition, it is a family outing they come to They also wear costumes.

There is no sadness in the show, but the party has another sign, not the one we can see at the end of the year, or at carnivals or other dates that include music and dancing. It is a ceremony of respect, devotion and emotional or spiritual meeting with those who love each other forever.

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It is complicated, but it is so, because, as the person who said it said, the confusion of feelings, longing, nostalgia, deep pain and anguish, is forever carried in the soul, which, however, leaves no room for frustration and anxiety.

The Day of the Dead in Mexico is neither a simple ritual, nor a religion, because death, paradoxical as it may seem, is an integral part of life, and in this way, it is not a fad, nor does it look bad, next to the altar, or in the streets like this Saturday. , the compositions wear another color and not mourning, this celebration.

This is the case of Cuban Rafael Blanco Suazo’s last century, which begins like this between stick and drums: Caballero (gentleman)/ This knocks me down and knocks me down/ As soon as he felt the conga,/ The dead man went to celebrate.

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