April 13, 2024

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Italy is concerned about the killing of an Iranian general in the Israeli attack on Syria

Italy is concerned about the killing of an Iranian general in the Israeli attack on Syria

An article published Tuesday on the website of the newspaper “Il Tempo” cites statements by Tajani on the television program “The Fourth Republic,” in which he justified this by pointing out that “Iran is the protector of all who attack Israel” and in the Iranian consulate “in Damascus.” Perhaps there were some Hamas fighters too.”

“Iran is the protector of Hezbollah, the fundamentalists who are fighting against Israel from southern Lebanon,” and the general who was killed in the missile attack that destroyed the Iranian consulate, “was the commander of the Pasdaran” (Islamic Revolutionary Guards), the chancellor expressed in line with Tel Aviv’s position.

The Syrian government says that Iran's deployment of militias and military advisors on its territory is at the request of that Arab country, to support the war against terrorist organizations.

This latest Israeli missile incursion begins “a new escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, which now faces the risk of spreading dangerously,” according to what the media say, based on the statements of the Italian Chancellor during the interview conducted with the aforementioned news. Rete4 TV channel programme.

The Israeli attack on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria, which caused several deaths and damage to nearby buildings, came only 24 hours after another missile was fired by the Zionists at sites in the vicinity of Damascus, in which two civilians were killed and wounded.

A similar attack occurred last Friday in Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria, where at least 40 soldiers and civilians were killed.

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