July 2, 2022

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Jinshin Effect: Changing the next update will help us improve characters

Jinshin Effect: Changing the next update will help us improve characters

The Update 2.7 Genshin Impact is finally about to hit the game. After the initial delay, HoYoverse announced the new release on May 31st. A version in which the game receives many new features. Of course, the highlights of the arrival yellingAnd kuki shinobu or new events. However, there is one very welcome feature that will greatly help players to equip their favorite characters without having to constantly search for clues.

Helping the most accidental Genshin Impact players

The addition was indicated during the last moments of the next update’s live broadcast and consists of the introduction of two help buttons in the character menu. The first will be shown in a tab talent Its function will be to signal What skills should we prioritize when leveling up. Something very similar will happen in the dropdown for Archaeology. In this case, in each of the five boxes we will suggest what Best key stats that our elements must contain.

Genshin Impact will recommend the skills to level up and the best artifact stats

This add-on will take as a reference the most popular options among the community. True, it is not necessarily the best indicator. however, He assures us in all cases that our selection is the most competitive. It may not be the help players who dedicate countless hours need, but those who play casually or don’t realize the most effective way to approach combat. Genshin Impact is a game with a very mixed audience, this will save us the trouble of searching for a lot of character clues.

Also to help less experienced players, new Strategic recommendation for each area. It will be a simple and quick proposal that will allow us to adapt the strategy based on the changing conditions of each battlefield. The idea is the same again, bringing missions for the best players to the general public without forcing us to study the detailed process of Genshin Impact. An addition that has gone unfairly unnoticed and will be very important to a large part of society.

After the indefinite delay announced by HoYoverse, the developers are finally ready to reveal the release date of the Genshin Impact 2.7 update. There is good news, as we won’t have to wait for it to arrive.

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