June 16, 2024

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Los inconformes aseguraron que el servicio médico en hospitales de Acapulco y laboratorios no ha sido suspendido por la marcha.

La Jornada – a parade for health workers in Guerrero; Order Payments

Acapulco, puppy, Health workers walk from 10:40 a.m. in the tourism sector, demanding payment of the Guerrero State Capital Provident Fund, as well as pending benefits from ISSSTE, such as loans, trusts and housing insurance.

They chant “Mr. Governor, we want a solution!” and “Unified Rule will never be defeated!” , “Unity, unity, unity!” Diana circled in the direction of Papagayo Park, to demand payment of the fund that was due to them last August.

They explained that the fund consisted of contributions from the worker, the health union and the state government, which had not made their contribution.

They emphasized that the medical service in Acapulco’s hospitals and laboratories did not stop due to the march, as workers participate in the evening and night shifts in mobilization.

protesting in Chilpancingo; Require payment from FEGAC

About three thousand workers, including doctors, nurses, chemists and staff affiliated with Section 36 of the National Federation of Health Workers (SNTS), marched in this capital to demand payment of the Guerrero Capital Provident Fund (FEGAC) money.

In recent weeks, Dr. Maria Luisa Adams, Secretary of Labor Affairs at Division 36, stated that “we have been demanding immediate payment from FEGAC for more than five thousand formal workers.”

He explained that FEGAC is a triple contribution, one part being provided by the worker, one being provided by the union, and the other part being delivered by the government.

He stated that each of the 5,000 officially named workers owes just over 17,000 pesos “Our salaries have already been paid to the essential workers, the educated and the organisers.”

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He noted that the last agreement reached in the assembly was to set a deadline for the payment of FEGAC, until last September 13.

On the other hand, in the municipality of Tlapa de Comonfort, in Montaña Alta de Guerrero, workers from the health sector blocked the road to Chilapa de Álvarez and Chilpancingo, at the height of the Ahuatepec Ejido Bridge, also demanding payment of FEGAC.

Similarly, it was reported that the protest will take place in the seven regions of the entity.