June 23, 2024

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The first picture of their three children together

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova They can boast of successful careers that they have had, but also (and above all) charming little ones who were born as a result of their love. be Nicholas and Lucy twins, three years, and Mariewho will turn two years old next January, Heroes of the last video shared by his mother. Oddly enough, it’s about First time seeing the three of them in public together, since their parents always shared photos of each of their offspring individually or with two of them. In this last sequence, children They had a great time aboard a convertible minivan In red not along the racetrack but through what looks like a tennis court. Nicholas drives the wheel while his sisters sit next to him and hold each other’s hands.

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Pure joy! Enrique Iglesias girl dances while listening to her father’s new album

Once, a very smiling Lucy looks at the camera she is recording to say “Bye bye!” (Goodbye in English) When the little car they’re riding drives away. How could it be otherwise, In the background you hear a song sung by his fathertitled chasing the sun This is what was included in his latest album, last. The singer announced two weeks ago that He will take a break from his career, so you can He enjoyed much more at home in Miami with the love and company of his wife and children. The little girl starred this weekend in another video that the artist posted to her followers, where she becameGoose joyfully and start dancing When his father showed him one of the songs of his new album. Last Thursday, Enrique spoke hormijiro What parenting means to him, ensuring it The arrival of her children into the world completely changed her life.

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Enrique Iglesias emotionally remembers the last moment he lived with his grandmother, Beatriz Arastea

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“The quarrels that exist, especially between twins… (snoring) , But it’s funny. Maria was born just before she contracted the virus and I was able to see her grow up,” she said, referring to the time she spent at home due to restrictions on movement and movement. “They are now three and a half years old, and if you ask me, it seems very recently” When they were born, he confessed. Not only that, but he also sees a lot of similarities between himself and his son: “I was cool as a kid and my son Nico reminds me a little of myself”“When I lived in Madrid I bought firecrackers and threw them at bus stops,” he recalled, adding between his laughs. When asked how he makes his grandchildren grow up happy, the son of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Ressler considered that “You have to be patient, listen to them, pamper them, love them, and constantly repeat that you are with them. Even if you are not there physically and they can always count on you.”

Who is Renata Notni, the protagonist in Enrique Iglesias’ new video?

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