July 14, 2024

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Logitech G introduces the G309 Lightspeed Mouse.

Logitech G introduces the G309 Lightspeed Mouse.

Logitech GLogitech brand of gaming products offers G309 speed of light, A premium mouse with dual wireless connectivity, precise tracking and optimal performance.

“We have been committed to developing our Lightspeed technology and innovation for years so that everyone can enjoy wireless gaming,” he noted during the presentation. Ojesh Desai“Our technology, combined with our Hero sensors, has evolved to the point where all gamers know they can count on the performance of Logitech G mice.”

Product Capabilities

The new mouse is Powerplay compatible, allowing you to charge it without the need for an AA battery if you purchase the Logitech G PowerPlay Wireless Charging System, which is sold separately. This reduces the weight of the mouse by 18 grams (the weight of the alkaline battery).

Using the Hero 25K sensor, the G309 delivers nearly 300 hours of gameplay at 1ms report rate in Lightspeed mode on a single AA alkaline battery. When switched to Bluetooth mode, the battery life exceeds 600 hours on the same battery. It is a durable, compact and lightweight device. It weighs 86 grams with an AA alkaline battery and 68 grams without the battery when connected to Powerplay.

It uses Logitech G’s Lightspeed wireless technology for a smooth gaming experience, outperforming most wired mice. Combined with the Hero 25K sensor, it delivers high responsiveness and accuracy, with 400 IPS and up to 25,600 DPI sensitivity, without acceleration or smoothing.

Wireless technology makes it easy to connect two Lightspeed devices to a single receiver using the G HUB’s device pairing tool.

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It comes with Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switches that use galvanic contacts inside the switch, and work just like mechanical switches to maintain a clear feel. Optical and mechanical switches are designed together to maximize gaming performance. Hybrid switches combine reliable optical actuation and ultra-low latency with the crisp, tactile click characteristics of mechanical keys.


the mouse Logitech G309 LIGHTSPEED It is available in black and white, with a recommended price of €89.99.