June 23, 2024

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MacBokk Air Renewed Offer on Amazon

MacBokk Air Renewed Offer on Amazon

MacBook Air. Image: Amazon

If you are looking for a file apple team But its prices are still unattainable, the next Renewed model with Amazon warranty may be an excellent option to get your first team with the apple. Do you want to know exactly what this team offers? Keep reading we tell you.

In the Amazon catalog we can currently find a model for MacBook Air 13 inch In renovated condition. This means that it is a model that has been returned to Amazon warehouses and, after necessary inspection and checks, has received the product label in perfect condition. The distributor himself ensures that the equipment in perfect condition, and that it does not have any kind of visible surface defect, so we will encounter a device with an external appearance in perfect condition.

Its battery will always guarantee more than 80% of its life, so we won’t find a device in poor condition that can’t stand a day’s work.

MacBook Air.  Image: Amazon

MacBook Air. Image: Amazon

model with tradition

Of course, the only thing you should keep in mind is this MacBook Air model is MJVE2LL / AThat is, MacBook Air early 2015, in which we will talk about the 5 generation model behind the latest model (with the Apple M1 processor) that we can find today on the market.

So, it’s a PC that’s years old already, but at least it continues to let you update it to the latest Mac OS 12 Monterey.

We won’t have a Retina HD display either, but perhaps it’s a detail you’ll take into account at least given its amazing price tag.

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MacBook Air under 10,000 pesos

The configuration offered by the display is a 13-inch model with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Your processor is a file Core i5 a 1.6 GHz, It has two USB ports and a headphone output.

It is a device that will work perfectly for anyone who needs a laptop for surfing the Internet and visiting social networks, as well as for using office automation programs and other applications that do not require much performance, although this will not prevent you from being able to index your photos, edit and even upload videos .

price 9797 pesos dollarsIt’s probably the cheapest Apple laptop you can buy today, so if you’re looking for something simple and with the Apple logo, this is probably your best option.

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