August 15, 2022

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Meteorite or satellite?: Strange "fireball" reported in New Zealand skies |  Technology

Meteorite or satellite?: Strange “fireball” reported in New Zealand skies | Technology

This phenomenon was observed in New Zealand, where a glowing object appeared in the sky with a sound. The object is likely a meteorite and, because of its size, can be seen in full sunlight.

A strange “fireball” was seen by New Zealand citizens this Thursday, after different users commented on the strange phenomenon on social networks.

As mentioned GuardianPeople testify Noise and noise, a “fireball” and a great flash of light across the skyExperts confirm that it could be a meteorite.

There were many sound waves They mistook the vibrations for earthquakes. In a conversation with the English media, one of the witnesses reported his experience while driving.

“We were on our way to work when I saw a blue streak in the sky and then I saw a big bright light,” he shared, later providing the media with a video recorded from his vehicle. He described this moment “Once in a Lifetime Event”.

Description of Fireball in New Zealand

local environment items Ian Griffin, an astronomer and director of New Zealand’s Otago Museum, said the strange phenomenon could be a satellite returning to Earth, possibly a meteorite. A space rock passing through Earth’s atmosphere.

In this regard, Griffin pointed out that it could be a “fireball”, i.e., A large meteorite falling at high speedBurns on the way.

His words were joined by former NASA astronaut Duncan Steele This again confirms the hypothesis that it is a meteoriteHe noted that seeing one during the day is a rare experience.

“I have only seen one meteor during the day in my life. Macrometroids in the atmosphere cause them to arrive very quickly, typically around 30 km/s. To be seen during the day, it must be very large, The size of a rugby ball or largerThat makes them rare,” he said.

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The New Zealand Meteorological Service reported the event on social networks, where they revealed how the body had passed through the atmosphere, while also tracing “what would have been the meteor’s smoke trail”.