August 19, 2022

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MSI accidentally leaks Intel Alder Lake release date

MSI could have leaked the release date of the first prototypes of its Intel Alder Lake CPUs, which is expected to be a huge step forward with more efficient cores and lower power usage for desktop, laptop and ultra-lightweight PCs. According to the presentation of the MSI LGA1700 CPUS Upgrade Kit, the release date for the Intel 12th Gen Core is November 4.

MSI today announced a free upgrade kit for its Intel LGA1700 CPUs and Coreliquid CPU coolers. The press release didn’t mention any dates, but the form, which must be used to order a free upgrade kit, will only be available on November 4.

Finally, Alder Lake CPUs will be released in November

Videocardz contacted its own sources, who confirmed that the Intel Alder Lake-S will be available on November 4. This date will be attached to the sales and review block. Usman Pirzada of Wccftech adds that pre-orders will be posted a week in advance, right after the Intel Innovation event.

This will force an Intel Alder Lake-S ban on advertising and pre-sales on October 27, and on November 4 actual sales and first reviews will be released. November 4 is shortly before the previous release date, November 19. This may indicate that Intel decided to develop Alder Lake series processors earlier or that the date originally rumored was incorrect, something that often happens with rumors that are based on incorrect or outdated information.

Videocardz advises that this date is related to CPU blocking operations, so they don’t know when compatible motherboards will be sold. It is very likely that they are already available or that the same date applies to Z690 motherboards as well. It is known that at least three SKUs will be released on November 4th: Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5-12600K. The KF series that has no built-in Xe graphics should also be available on the same day.

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Source: Video Cards