August 19, 2022

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Mysterious blue vortex rising in the New Zealand sky |  Science and Ecology |  D.W.

Mysterious blue vortex rising in the New Zealand sky | Science and Ecology | D.W.

The blue vortex that appeared in the night sky last Sunday (19.06.2022) astonished the star audience in New Zealand. Since then, many people have been commenting on social media about the mysterious light show. Eyewitnesses say the vortex was not static but moving north.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued at 7:30 pm local time on Sunday. New Zealand Herald.

Claire Rehl was one of the first to photograph the vortex in the sky over the city of Queenstown on the southern island of New Zealand. He posted the photo on Twitter on Monday morning (06.20.2022).

“Big Spiral Star”

Alastair Burns, the star guide on Stewart Island / Ragiura, was one of those who documented the bizarre event. As reported Defender. Burns received a text from a friend: Look at the sky. “As soon as we got out, it was clear what he was saying,” Burns said.

In the middle of the darkness he saw a large vortex blue light. “It looked like a huge spiral galaxy, stopping in the sky and moving slowly,” Burns said. “A rather restless feeling.”

“It looked like a planet or a star,” local Augustine Matthews told the news site. Items. “It was a white dot with a small vortex. And in 10 minutes it went halfway up the sky and the vortex tripled. It did not light up or glow, it moved very fast.”

Many on social media speculated that the real reason for the spin could be an alien planet.

Spiral light: “Strange but easily explained”

The truth was probably a little more brilliant, he said Defender Richard Easter, a professor of physics at the University of Auckland, called the event “strange but easily explained.” According to Easter, the vortex was caused by a rocket exhaust glowing from the sun.

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“When the impulse is ejected from the rear, there is basically water and carbon dioxide, which briefly forms a cloud in the space illuminated by the sun,” Easter told the British media.

“The geometry of the satellite’s orbit and the way we sit with the sun, the combination of those things is perfect for creating these utterly insane looking clouds visible from the South Island,” he added.

SpaceX Balkan9

So, everything points to the fact that the Sky Show is a tribute to SpaceX’s two-stage Falcon 9 rocket, which was launched into orbit around EDT (0427 GMT) on Sunday from Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida at 12:27. Communications satellite for Globalstar, a Louisiana-based company.

Similar patterns have been seen in the sky in different places in the past, i.e. earlier this year in Hawaii and Oklahoma and in 2018 in East Africa. They were all shown to have been caused by SpaceX missiles.

As reported space.comThis is the third time in about 36 hours that SpaceX’s Globalstar launch company. The company launched 53 Starlink satellites from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday (June 17) and a radar satellite for the German military from the Vandenberg Space Base in California on Saturday (June 18).

Edited by Philip Espinosa Wang.